Battlemaster (or Sword Master) was was the title for a head lightsaber combat instructor of the Jedi Order. Not to be confused with the Jedi trainers (who taught students in the ways of the Force), the Jedi Battlemaster solely taught students in the way of lightsaber combat. The primary trainers of how to both defend against and, when necessary, assault a foe, the Jedi Battlemaster not only had to have deep knowledge of several Lightsaber Forms, but also had to have mastered them with considerably advanced skill.

Accordingly, the title of Battlemaster was bestowed to a rare few; one Battlemaster represented each Temple or Academy within the Order. Generally, however, there was only one battlemaster at a time. A successor was usually chosen after the current Battlemasters' retirement or death.

Noted battlemastersEdit

Devlin Dewe was the Battlemaster for the Ossus Praxeum, and later, one of the two main Battlemasters for the reunited Jedi Order.

Dav Man'Sell was made Battlemaster for the Yavin IV Praxeum shortly after his appointment to the Praxeum's Council, and was later made one of the Battlemasters of the reunited Jedi Order. He was renouned for his diverse knowledge of combat techniques.

Steffo Rancis was acknowledged as the Battlemaster of the disparate Jedi Order for several years, he was renowned for using unorthodox fighting methods and techniques.

Known characteristicsEdit

Each of the individuals who obtained designation as battlemaster had defining qualities and attributes that linked to their finesse and skill in the form of lightsaber combat.

  • Jedi Battlemaster Devlin Dewe was known to have implemented his own style of fighting. He was remarked as being a fearless warrior and having a lightsaber regime that bolstered power earning him the nickname The Ram.
  • Jedi Battlemaster Dav Man'sell was defined by his wide knowledge in all seven major forms of combat. Dav was an expert in many techniques of fighting, which provided him with a well balanced fighting style where he could draw upon or incorporate any known form. Dav's defining trait was his versatility and his tenacity in combat.
  • Jedi Battlemaster Steffo Rancis was known for creating the first real candidate for an eighth form of lightsaber combat in Form VIII Baekjul/Bulgul as well as developing the idea of the Three tiers of offense, both of which were incorporated into training regimes across the Jedi Order.
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