"Stay true to yourself."

Jason Alexander Dramon
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237 ABY

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1.82 meters

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Dirty Brown

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Jason Alexander Dramon was a Jedi Master and exceptional force user from the planet Coruscant. From an early age Jason would deal with the conflicting senses of darkness from his father and mother and their Sith teachings and his own internal wish to do what was right and just. At the age of 13 he was secretly the padawan of his grandfather. Viron Dramon, a Jedi survivor of the clone wars. At the age of 27 he became a Jedi Knight and at 30 he became a Jedi Master. Despite his devotion to do what was right Jason still felt the pull of the dark side his entire life and waged a personal battle with it his entire life.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Jason at age 12

Born to Sith parents Jason grew up on Coruscant learning nothing of the light side and as a result spent much of his childhood exploiting and harming those around him to gain power and status in the eyes of his mother, Julia Dramon and his father Vincent Dramon. At the age of 9 Jason was exposed to his grandfather, Vrion Dramon, who was the only in the family to turn away from the Sith beliefs and walk a different path. After learning of the Jedi and the Light side Jason found the internal strength to cast aside almost 100 years of Sith teaching in his family and take the first step towards being a Jedi his sister soon joined him and together they spent the next 9 years silently learning all they could about the Jedi way while displaying only what their parents wanted to see. At the age of 13 Viron took Jason on as his apprentice and took him throughout Coruscant teaching him different force abilities and skills that he had learned in his life. Jason quickly became adept at what he was taught. What he lacked in swordsmanship he made up for in sheer force power. At the age of 16 Jason's father presented Jason with a black bladed lightsaber that had been handed down throughout the years in their family. It was meant to symbolize a true Sith in means of power and skill. Jason knew immediately what he would do with his new blade and vowed that it would now only be used for the good of others and no longer to bring darkness. It was at this point the Jason's sister, Sophia Dramon, began to feel the first signs of what his brother was doing and the light side resonating inside him. Jason began secretly training Sophia with everything Viron had taught him. A year later Viron died his final words asking that Jason and Sophia carry on the Jedi tradition and never to give into the inner demons that he knew plagued them both. Jason would watch with amazement and a deep feeling of sorrow as his first master became one with the force.

Escape from Coruscant[edit | edit source]

"I will never be like you. I will not allow myself to become such a monster." -Jason speaking to his father.

Jason fleeing Coruscant

At the age of 17 Jason and his sister were joined by two of Jason's oldest force sensitive friends, Thomas Greyland and Jacob Lios. Lios and Sophia soon started a romantic relationship and at her 19th birthday William and Vance were conceived. The day of Jason's 18th birthday was the day Jason chose to confront his parents about his beliefs. In the initial confrontation his mother left in rage while his father proceeded to attempt to beat Jason for defying him. Jason fought back prompting Vincent to pull a lightsaber on Jason and attacking him narrowly killing him. Jason fought back and a fierce dual began between the two. Sophia, Thomas and Jacob arrived midway through the fight and assisted Jason against the Sith guards Vincent had at his command. Jason was heavily outmatched against his father and was quickly beaten but before his father could deliver the death blow he was stopped by Jason's grandfather. The two joined in combat buying the four companions time to escape the Dramon compound and to the hanger. As the four entered space they were engaged by Sith forces and were forced to fight their way out. A interdictor went up on a space station near their escape area. Jason told the others to make a run for it while he brought the field down. But after infiltrating the station and reaching the interdictor control room he was confronted by his mother. He quickly brought down the field prompting Lios and Greyland to jump to hyperspace. But Vincent Dramon intercepted Sophia's starfighter before it could jump and damaged it forcing Sophia to return planet side and fall into hiding.

The proceeding duel between Jason and his mother was one that Jason would eventually win through sheer determination rather than actual skill. Towards the end of the duel Julia lunged at Jason prompting Jason to bring his saber up to defend himself. But Julia wasnt expecting the abrupt moving of the saber and she fell through it killing her instantly. Jason stood in shock as he looked at the dead form of his mother and was about to grieve when a very angered Lucas Dramon appeared out of hiding and proceeded to attack his brother with all his strength. The abrupt attack from Lucas caused Jason to flee the room and a desperate running battle began as Jason headed for his fighter. Upon reaching the hanger he found his father waiting for him. Pinned in on both sides Jason prepared to fight to the death when the station suddenly rocked from an attack and threw Jason off his feet and threw his blade into the distance. Meanwhile outside Lios and Greyland has returned and were engaged in a losing battle against three squadrons of TIE Defenders as well as trying to damage the station. Vincent brought his saber to his son's throat and began urging him to turn to the darkside. He cared not for the death of his wife or the betrayer of his son. He saw all these as signs of strength of the Sith line within his son. Jason however refused to join with his father and using his emotions to strengthen him he blasted his father back with unusual strength and dove to his blade upon getting to his feet he found his father standing before him with two ignited crimson lightsabers. He told Jason that if he was not going to join him then he would die. The father and son charged at one another in a desperate duel to defeat the other. Outside Lios's fighter was damaged and the two began to find themselves on the defensive more and more. Jason and Vincent continued the duel but Jason was outmatched his father held years more of experience than he did and he found that for every single advance he made Vincent made three more. He also could feel that Lios and Greyland were running out of time. After a powerful blast of Force Lightning from his father and slamming into his starfighter Jason would unleash his full rage and desperation in a powerful Force Scream that slammed his father back into the bulkhead and gave Jason time to escape aboard his fighter and head right into the deepest part of the fight. Joined by their friend the three made a desperate run out of the system and barely made it in time as a several frigates arrived to block off their escape.

Rebirth at Alderaan[edit | edit source]

Jason, age 25

After a year of traveling the universe, Jason and his two companions found their way to Alderaan where they made a home it wasn't until the age of 27 did Jason finally reach the level of Jedi Knight and set off into the Galaxy to make a difference. After joining the Alderaan Defense Forces Jason began to fight for others on various battle's throughout the galaxy. Anobis, Dantooine, Coruscant, Mon Cal and many other planets would soon be places Jason would rise to the defnese of as he gather more and more forces to defend Jedi held planets. On Alderaan he met Owen Kenobi, a figure who would hold a constant image of power and knowledge to Jason. Owen named Jason Prime Minister of Alderaan and he worked to bring peace and tranquility to the planet.

Jason's love for Alderaan led him to join the Alderaan military and quickly he raised through the ranks until he was the leader of the Orbital forces. During an attack on Alderaan, Jason left Greyland in command of the defending fleet and went ground side to assist in the defense of the capitol only to have his face and body horribly burned. After joining the Alderaan Defense Forces Jason began to fight for others on various battle's throughout the galaxy. Anobis, Dantooine, Coruscant, Mon Cal and many other planets would soon be places Jason would rise to the defense of as he would gather more and more forces to defend Jedi held planets.

Birth of a Jedi Master[edit | edit source]

As the galaxy was plunged into a war that spread across planets like wildfire Jason knew that he while he was confident in his abilities he had more to learn. So in secret he entered the Alderaan Jedi Academy and spent the better part of two years training his body and mind. During that time he would occasionally depart on mission's he found vital to Alderaan. One of which was a meeting taking place on Mon Calamari in which he was ambushed by a Sith Lord and two Sith Warriors. After besting them in a show of strength in the force Jason escaped the planet only through the timely arrival of Jacob Lios with a transport. After which Jason headed to Fondor to speak with several friends. It was there he found himself amidst Jedi, his peers stood around him as they judged him worthy to hold the title of Jedi Master. Jason would later depart Fondor with a new sense of pride and self-worth. After being named a master Jason would return to Alderaan to assist Owen in the defense of the planet as the TTSE (The True Sith Empire) attacked. When Jason and his fleet arrived at Alderaan he found a desperate defense being waged against the defense fleet's and the TTSE attacking forces. Jason immediately ordered the attack on the enemy fleets and with the added firepower he succeeded in driving back the TTSE. However the victory would be short lived as more TTSE reinforcements would arrive and Jason would find himself outmatched in firepower and numbers. Reluctantly he and Owen agreed to a surrender and a truce was called. After speaking with the leaders of the TTSE Alderaan was divded into two halfs. The Eastern half would belong to the Jedi and Allied forces while the Western half would belong to the TTSE and its allies, the area in between would become a DMZ patrolled by both factions on their side.

After the division of Alderaan Jason was given command of the Western Alliance's Garrison and was responsible for holding the Western side against the Sith forces. After a few months Jason began to notice that the garrison on the Eastern Side of the planet was thinner than normal. He realized that if they invaded now then they held a chance to reclaim the planet. He immediately brought everything they had on the planet to bear on the TTSE forces. The combined Republic and Alderaan Forces stormed the DMZ and continued on to retake the planet for the Jedi. Meanwhile in orbit Admiral Louis Trayt and Jacob Lios would mount a desperate strike against the stronger TTSE forces. Through the element of surprise and the timely arrival of New Republic and Jedi reinforcements Trayt and Lios were able to force the TTSE out of the system and the seperation of Alderaan came to a close.

Departure from Alderaan[edit | edit source]

"Jason.... life is not about what people think we are..... life is about the choices we make in life...don't ever...become like him..." -Greyland's dying words to Jason

After the fall of the TTSE and the reunification of Alderaan things began to deteriorate for Jason. It began with the destruction of his fleet at Dantooine and the death of Greyland on Alderaan at the hands of his own father. That death would continue to haunt him for the rest of his life. After Greyland's death Jason would sink into a deep depression and wouldnt recover from it for the next year. After which he would return to his seat as the Prime Minister. After returning to office he would meet Arhiia Concordia and a romance would form between the two. This would continue on and Arhiia would learn that she was pregnant with his son. As the two discussed what would happen next they were interrupted by the arrival of Omega and his fleet. Arhiia arrived with him and while the battle raged Omega used Jason's feelings for Arhiia against him and caused Jason to surrender to Omega by threatening Arhiia's life. Faced between the destruction of both the planet he loved and the woman he loved he would decide ultimately to surrender the planet to Omega. The two negotiated and then agreed that everyone on the planet had one week to evacuate the planet. However once the truce came to completion one of Omega's fleet commander's decided to fire on Dramon's flagship and fatally damaged the ship. Jason began evacuation of the ship as the first shot hit his ship. But during the evacuation a support structure fell and trapped Lios and Dramon on the bridge of the doomed ship. A lost battle waged outside between Omega's forces and what was left of Jason's defense fleet. Knowing that his men would die a useless death Jason used the force to slam Lios into the last remaining escape pod. He knew the pod didnt have the power or air to support both him and Lios so he sacrificed himself in order to let his friend live. As he stood on the burning bridge and stared out into the starfield he re-connected the force bond that Arhiia and he shared. He would send out feelings of absolute love to the woman as the ship began to explode around him and Jason would know only darkness. In the aftermath of the battle Jason's body could not be found in the wreckage and it was assumed he was killed in the following explosion. Owen would go on to name Dramon an enemy of Alderaan, he viewed Jason's decision one of complete betrayal saying that Jason should of fought to the last man to preserve his home.

Rebel Dream's Destruction.jpg

Descent into darkness[edit | edit source]

In the aftermath of the attack reinforcements from sevral Jedi and Republic forces arrived and ended up beating Omega's forces back. But unknown to others part of Omega's plan were successful and Jason had lived from the destruction of the Rebel Dream.

The aftermath of Omega's torture

Jason awoke in a familiar place and knew that he was in Arhiia's private palace. As he tried to peace together the events leading up to his current situation Arhiia arrived and proceeded to taunt and demoralize Jason. She was the one the ended up revealing that his child was dead and that she loved another. Though emotionally destroyed and physically beaten Jason continued to resist her attempts to change him. After awhile Arhiia would leave Jason in his broken and emotionally destroyed state. As Jason would slowly attempt to hold onto his sanity Arhiia would again approach him but this time she would show regret for what had happened and attempted to console him. But Jason resisted her attempts not knowing if this was genuine affection or if this was another attempt to break him of his sanity. He once again forced her away and began to sink into his own darkness feeling hatred and anger rise within him.

Just as Jason began to gather his strength and feel he was getting good enough to escape Omega himself arrived and proceeded to torture Jason mercilessly. After near constant barrages of physical attacks and force lightning Jason still resisted Omega matching his every threat with one of sarcasm and mirth. Eventually Omega departed and Jason was left to his own pain and hatred. Jason would look up and see Arhiia still there and he began congratulating her on her betrayal. He knew that obviously there love meant nothing and that she was not the woman he thought she was. Arhiia snapped out of the darkness she was lost in and helped Jason escape the facility.

Zhar and Fondor[edit | edit source]

It took Jason a week to recover from the physical damage from the explosion of his flagship and the torture. The emotional damage from what had occurred from seeing Arhiia and Omega together and the things she did to him would plague him for some time longer. After being found adrift in space in the Unknown Regions by one of his passing patrols. Jason was shipped back to Alderaan and dropped in a bacta tank for his injuries. He emerged from the tank a day before the ship arrived and he landed planetside expecting to be greeted warmly by his friends and allies. However when he arrived he was greeted with soldiers demanding he hand over his weapons. He had no knowledge that Alderaan now viewed him with contempt for what happened. Jason accepted their request and was arrested and charged with grand treason. In respect for all that he had done for Alderaan he was exiled from the planet instead of imprisoned.

Jason took the remnants of his fleet and took up the New Republics offer for heading up Zhar. He arrived at the gas giant to find that there was not much going on. After making himself at home on the Citadel station and setting up the patrols for his fleet he began mining operations and other trade to establish a source of income. Zhar gave Jason the chance he needed to regroup and heal. Jason remained on Zhar for the better part of a half year until he received an offer to move on to taking command of Fondor and her shipyards.

Marriage and Fear[edit | edit source]

A year after taking control of the Fondor shipyards Jason would found himself being faced by a younger woman. He could feel the dark side resonating from the younger woman but when he touched her mind he could feel something far beyond anything Jason had ever felt in his life. He felt pure love towards the female before him and he had no idea why. During the course of their talk he found out her name was Lightning Valentine, a rouge Sith Bounty Hunter that had come to kill him and reap the bounty that was on Jason's head. But as the moment came she felt the same feelings that Jason had and could not bring herself to kill him. The two quickly became involved with one another and fell in love. A bond formed between the two that had become stronger and stronger as the two spent time together.

They would soon marry on Fondor. That night as the two were preparing to spend their honeymoon night together Stridal, Jason's apprentice attacked the two. Jason emerged in only half armour to defend his home and wife. The frantic battle that resulted was won by Jason ultimately through using Stridal's feelings against him and temporarily restoring him to the light side.

Jason Dramon and Lightning Valentine sharing a private moment

A month later Jason and Lightning would learn that Lightning was pregnant and was going to give birth to a son. With this new joy it seemed that life was finally coming together for the Jedi Master. But fate would play another cruel joke on the man.

Deception at Anobis[edit | edit source]

"Jason Dramon. You are charged with treason against the Jedi Order resulting in the death of fellow Jedi and allies. How do you plead."

"Are you serious? You think that I would betray the same people I have been sending my OWN men to die for?"

-Jason speaking to Benye-Cali during his trial

Jason received a summons's to head to the Emerald Order's headquarters on Anobis being told that they needed him for a meeting. Jason arrived to find a woman baring his path. She could not be felt in the force and the moment Jason inquired as to her intentions his entire world went dark and he blacked out. When he came to he was bound and gagged on a freighter bound for Kashyyyk. Brimstone had put a bounty on Jason's head the bounty hunters had come to collect. Through the efforts of the Emerald Order and Jason's close friend Vander Winsome, Jason was able to escape the freighter and found himself back on Anobis. This time however he was found that he was being regarded as a traitor to the Order and was going to exiled from the Jedi. Confused and slightly hurt by what the people he thought were his friends assumed he did Jason initially resisted. But in the end he decided that he would not kill any of his allies. Despite what they thought of him.

A trial would follow soon after and in that time Jason was able to prove that Omega had lied about him passing information to him about the Jedi movements and he urged the council to realize that there was a traitor amongst them. Despite being found innocent for his crimes Jason left the Emerald Order. He knew their time was coming and he did not want to be attached to an organization that was too high and mighty to listen to its own members.

Assassination attempt on Lightning[edit | edit source]

While on Anobis, Lightning would attending to a three month old Viron. Jason had left behind Lios to watch over her and his son while he was away. A week after Jason had departed strange men appeared at Jason's house and attacked Lightning. After barely fighting them off Lightning made a frantic comm to Lios for help just as another wave of attackers arrived. Battered and hurt Lightning fought them off as best she could but ultimately fell. Just as they were about to arrive Lios arrived with a platoon of Clone commando's. They swept into the house and beat the aggressors back. But not before Lios and Lightning got the message that someone was gunning for their heads.

Jason arrived back on Fondor soon afterward to find his wife badly hurt and his home all but destroyed. Fearing another attack on his wife and family he made the decision for them to fall back into the unknown regions until he could figure out who was behind this.

Departure from the known galaxy[edit | edit source]

"Jason.... are you sure this is the right thing to do?"

"I have to keep you safe.... this is the only way I can make sure you remain taht way."

"I trust you Jason...."

-Jason and Lightning speaking about the assassination attempts

Fearing for his wife and family Jason took what few ships he had out into the unknown regions in an attempt to keep his family safe. Little did he know that the killer was not someone who was wanting the bounty on Jason but rather revenge for something he had done in the past. The small group of ships jumped from planet to planet using anyplace they could to get supplies and resources to continue their travels. But at each resting point Jason felt a darkness following them. He confided his feelings to Lios who told him that he had felt it too but the feelings were directed against Sophia. The two decided on a plan of action that would draw the stalkers into the light and would allow them to deal with them in their own way.

Trayt and a Commander Fredric Reis would also join the planning session. Reis was a Alderaan native who had joined Jason at the beginning of his ADF career and had not left his side since then. Now Reis served as the commando commander and one of Lios's close friends. Jason, Lios, Trayt and Reis came up with the plan of action that would result in drawing out the ones wanting to attack them.

Defeat[edit | edit source]

"Jason.....Is our son alright...."

"He's fine Lightning....dont leave me....please....I love you...."

"I.....love you too....Jason.....Dramon...."

-Jason and Lightning's final words to one another.

The plan was simple. Make it appear that they were settling on a planet unclaimed deep in the unknown regions. Set up camps and everything that was needed to survive. But instead of making a life for themselves they would be preparing for the coming enemy. A week went by and then another week and nothing happened.

Then it happened, a fleet twice the size of Jason's dropped from hyperspace and engaged Jason's fleet. Trayt stayed in orbit to buy the ground forces time to fend off the attack. Jason and Lios set off the next phase of their plan and made themselves prime targets by transmitting on a open comm their location. Immediatly after enemy dropships started coming and Jason and Lios found themselves outnumbered and outgunned. Reis arrived moments later to turn the tide and it seemed that the plan had gone off without a hitch. Then Jason found the leader of the group and found himself blown away. His brother stood before him his blade ignited. Words were not exchanged between the two men and the battle began without even so much a threat.

Sophia and Lightning felt the disturbances in the force and the saw the smoke from the fighting. Together they and a group of soldiers fought their way to where Lios, Jason and Reis fought off the attack. Together the group turned the tide of the battle. The following was a holovideo recording from a soldiers camera.

-Jason skidded back a few feet as Lucas threw his lightsaber directly at Jason. He parried the strike and lunged forward in a counter attack. Jacob jumped over Jason and tried to slash the man in his back. Jason's silver blade had already come around to meet the attack and Jason spun around their blades locked and sweat forming down his face.-

-Lucas- "You....took everything from me. Mom and dad are DEAD because of you! I will have my revenge against you and what you have done!"

-Jason did not respond verbally but he slammed his foot into Luca's gut and drove him back. Jason heard a scream behind him and he turned his head to see Lios slamming to the ground blood streaming down his face. Sophia lunged forward to kill Lios's attacker and then her face turned to one of horror. Jason turned and found Lucas smiling cruelly at him. Before him stood Lightning her eyes glazed over and a crimson blade sticking from her chest.-

-Jason- "LIGHTNING!!!! NO!"

-He sprinted forward and with strength and speed that was unmatched by anyone he slipped past Lucas's attack and proceeded to beat his brother to death with his own hands. Fury clouded his vision and he could see nothing for those few moments. After the deed was done Jason dropped to his knee's and scooped up Lightning into his arms. Her eyes vacantly tracked Jason and she spoke softly-

-Lighting- "Is.... Viron ok...?"

-Jason looked down at her stomach where their son was going to be born from soon and saw the blade had piereced it and sliced downward. His eyes would begin to flow with tears as he spoke softly running a hand lightly across her face.-

-Jason- "He's fine... I love you Lightning.... so much... please....dont leave me...."

-Lightning- "I...love you too Jason....."

-She would smile softly at him and then the smile would fade and Jason held his wife in his arms staring blankly into her unseeing eyes. His entire body and mind in shock.-

Death of Lightning Valentine

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Jason hunted down and destroyed the fleet that his brother had brought against him. After the last ship fell Jason sank into a deep depression and ordered the Forgotten Memory to jump deeper into the Unknown regions and the remaining ships to return to Fondor and rejoin the defense fleet there. Trayt and Lios remained with Jason while the majority of the crew rejoined the fleet heading back to the known galaxy. Feeling alone and desperate Jason attempted a force bond with Lightning's spirit but despite hours of attempts to find her he failed at every turn.

After a few months of aimless wandering Jason slowly began coming to terms with Lightning's death and finally ordered the return to the known galaxy. A few weeks of plotted jumps and several stops for repairs Jason returned to the galaxy but not to Fondor. Jason no longer wished to live on the planet he had found the woman he loved and now had lost. Instead he arrived at Dantooine, it was there the Forgotten Memory was decommissioned and the ship was stripped apart for parts. Jason, Lios and Trayt settled at the Jedi Academy and tried to figure out what their next moves were going to be. The first thing they did was to send out a call to Alderaan for any ships still loyal to Jason to return to Dantooine. What Jason did not know is that the bulk of the fleet had either been destroyed or the crews rotated to the point where no one in command had ever served under Jason. The only exception to this was the pride of the fleet, a heavily retrofitted and armed MC80B cruiser Intrepid III, two hours after the call was sent out the ship appeared in orbit at Dantooine. It was there that Lios and Trayt would form the basis behind a new battlegroup. Jason slowly slipped out of his depression and joined Master Arden and Master Murdock on the Council of the Unified Force. Arden assigned Jason command of the Jedi Temple on Telos IV. Shortly afterward Jason and his men departed Dantooine for their next mission.

Path of a fallen Jedi[edit | edit source]

Jason arrived on Telos to find that it was a planet controlled by none other than the man he helped train and teach, Stridal, however Stridal was no longer the Jedi that Jason had once known. He had become warped and inhuman and something beyond anything Jason had encountered before. He had become a vampire. Jason first meeting with Stridal was one of tense confrontation and after a short duel the two men would eventually halt the fight and resolve their differences temporarily. Jason arrived not long after at the Jedi Academy and took command of the facilities there and began setting up classes and other things necessary for the place to run smoothly. To all those around him, even those who knew him best, Jason seemed a stable and firm example of what a Jedi should behave like but internally darkness ran rampant through Jason's mind and body. The death of Lightning had pushed him to the point where he no longer was able to interpret Light and Dark but rather intentions and actions. Guided by a sense of justice rather than rules of a Jedi Order Jason began teaching and leading a new generation of Jedi, his teachings at the academy were not so much the Jedi order as a whole but rather the state of the galaxy and what has caused the the sad state it was in now. It became apparent that CUF had sent him here because he had a closer bond to Stridal than the rest of them had. But it was that connection that led to Stridal invading the academy while Jason was away dealing with politics on Haruun Kal. He received a emergency comm message from Lios. He returned to find Firestorm troopers invading the academy and his Jedi standing against them. He landed and called a truce between the two forces. He made a deal with Stridal that allowed everyone allied with the Jedi to leave Telos IV unharmed. In return Stridal got Jason.

Test of faith[edit | edit source]

After his capture the Telos Academy would be turned temporarily into a Sith academy for some of Stridal's students. While this was unfolding Jason remained under watch by Stridal and his forces. He had been expecting reinforcements from the CUF but they had never come. After a few weeks he came to the realization that he was on his own. At first Jason rationalized why no one was coming but the strength of Stridal's darkness overwhelemed Jason's weakened strength and he fell into it. He was given leadership of the Sith Academy and he began his work there. Despite the darkness that had consumed him he had doubts about the side that he had been forced to take. But he continued to follow Stridal despite the misgivings he had.

After a month of this the CUF command mounted two separate missions. The first was a diplomatic mission led by Urias Fenris while the second was a small strike force led by Jedi Knight Jacob Lios and Fredric Reis. Fenris met with Stridal and tried to appeal to him on the grounds of the alliance the CUF and Stridal had and how he was violating it. Stridal responded with disdain and uncaring responses. Meanwhile Reis and Lios landed at the academy and proceeded on a two fold mission, the first was to evacuate all remaning CUF loyal men and women left behind in the attack, the second was to find Jason and bring him home. But Jason had already left the academy and had headed to the capitol where Fenris and his party was meeting with Stridal. He arrived at the capital in time to see Stridal finally grow tired of Fenris's attempts at peace and he turned on him. Fenris and his padawan fled Telos IV while Jedi Master Rroorbacca engaged Stridal and his forces. Jason watched the beginning of the fight and soon joined it in the streets of Thani. Seeing Jason arrive Stridal ordered him to kill the weakened Jedi Master and by doing so seal his power of him. Torn between his own self hatred of his weakness and his sadness at being left behind he brought his saber's up to the wookie's neck and prepared to make the ultimate act of darkness. As he stood before the elder Jedi he felt Stridal's darkness weighing on him urging him forward. But as he started to act a memory began to echo in his mind. One of eight years earlier when he held his dying friend in his arms listening to him beg him not to become like his father. In that flash Jason saw the future and where it would lead him and he also saw the past and all the trials he had been through and a blast of light radiated from him as he finally chose his path.

Darth Venom vs Lucien Draay by dreamdigital.jpg

Stridal sensed his misgivings and saw the path that Jason was going to choose. Instead of allowing the Jedi his sense of self-worth he turned on Jason as well and pooled all his power and strength into a single fireball attack aimed at killing Master Rroorbacca. But before the blast could connect Jason interjected his own body into the blast and it resulted in him being slammed into a building and much of his body, including his left eye, being burned off. Rroorbacca stood to fight trying to defend the wounded Jedi, meanwhile a rescue force containing a Jedi Knight and padawan arrived to evac the wookie master. But they arrived to late and Stridal killed Rroorbacca just as they arrived. Stridal soon turned his attention to the younger Jedi. Jason awoke to a world of pain and anguish and saw Master Rroobacca down and the other Jedi threatened. He engaged Stridal despite his wounded frame and bought the other Jedi time to escape. Stridal delivered what should of been the finishing blow against Jason and then departed leaving Jason wounded and dying. Lios and Reis arrived not long afterwards and evacuated Jason back to Alderaan.

NOTE: Due to unfinished storylines the events after Telos IV and the Vong invasion is not going to be listed on the biography.[edit | edit source]

The Truth[edit | edit source]

The attack on the Intrepid III happened with such swiftness that Jacob and Trayt barely had time to order the crew to abandon ship before programming a auto-pilot course for the nearest allied planet. Weeks went by with no word from the pair until the ship reappeared above Haruun Kal crippled and heavily damaged. An automated distress message ran through Jason's commlink and he and Maya Whitelight immediatly responded. Once arriving on the ship Jason felt something touch his mind, he felt his father. After navigating the crippled ship he arrived on the bridge to find Jacob and Vincent locked in a heated duel.

-Note: The following is not listed in RP due to memories of Jason and Jacob being altered.-

Jason moved to assist his friend but at his arrival Vincent disengaegd from the combat and turned his attention to Jason.

The following is what really occured on the bridge of the Intrepid III

Vincent turned away from the men and walked towards the viewport and looked out at the planet in the distance. A soft smile played across his deformed lips and after a moment he turned back to Jacob and Jason.


"This has gone on long enough. Jason, it is time for this charade to end and for you to know the truth."

-Jason- "

What are you talking about? What 'truth'?

-Vincent- "

You are not Jason Dramon. Jason Dramon has been dead since the fall of the Old Republic. He died at the hands of Darth Vader."

Jason stood there silent for a few secons, several expressions played across his face and finally regret started to show.


"Jason, you can't possibly believe him?!?"


"It's true Jake. I have never been able to find any record of my birth or anything... Not even any record of me being on Coruscant."



"Then what about your memories with Sophia, Thomas and me? Are those a lie?"



"Oh yes. Your memories and Thomas's memories were quite easy to manipulate. 'Jason' was not going to be strong enough to face the threats of the galaxy for a very long time. He needed people to aid him and fuel him."


"So I am a...clone? Why would you do this to me?"



"Jason Dramon was the only Jedi other than Luke Skywalker to face down the Emporer and Darth Vader in one duel. Jason would of won that fight too if he had followed through with his instinct and killed them. But instead he valued their lives and allowed the Emporer to yield and as a result he killed him. The sheer power that was required to best both the Dark Lord of the Sith and his Master must of been extraordinary. So, I set out to re-create his power through you. The real Dramon went through many trials that are similar to the one's that you have been through. He lost his family and his best friend. He even lost the love of his life. Everything that you have been through has been staged by me to complete your training to finish what he started. All that is left is for you to kill me and start down the road towards the Dark Side and leave your sense of "Justice" behind. But... I can see that this information is to much for you as of now.... instead of wiping it... I will repress it.... You know the truth now, you have no name and you will never deserve the name 'Jason Dramon'... now... kill me, save your friend and go to Coruscant. Once there deposit the weakling and go to Manaan. Your destiny starts there."

Manaan[edit | edit source]

After the attack Jason did proceed to go to Manaan, looking to embrace his fathers wishes and pursue down the path of Darkness. He met with Si-Uri and a discussion was put underway whether or not he would be allowed to stay. After sometime Jason felt the presence of a familiar presence, leaving Si-Uri and her husband to discuss the topic he found himself confronted with one of his oldest foe and sometime ally. Seleeven Khar, the two immediately found themselves at odds with each other and after a short confrontation Jason soon realized that Manaan was not where he belonged. A battle began soon afterwards in which Jason lost his left index finger as a result. Fleeing from the world Jason set out to return to his home one more time.

Haruun Kal[edit | edit source]

Jason didn't return to Alderaan, the shock of what he truly was was too much for Jason and his personality split in two. One portion of himself manifested itself as Alexander while the other manifested itself as Jason. The two sides were his conflicting views on his life. Alexander was fearful and afraid of becoming the demon that his father had created him to be. He constantly second guessed things that occurred and caused Jason to almost be ripped from the leadership if the Council of the Unified Force. Jason on the other hand held was everything that Alexander was not, headstrong and sure that he was doing the right thing and unafraid of the darkness that had plagued him since he was young. The two sides came to conflict several times during Jason's stay on Haruun Kal and almost ripped the man apart until the timely intervention of Jedi Master Maya Whitelight. With her aid the two persona's of the Jedi merged back into one. Throughout the process the two Jedi became very close to one another and ended up accompanying her to a ball being held. During the night he ended up joining with her, it was there that his child came to be. Maya and Jason agreed that they were to be wed as soon as their missions ended. With that Maya was called away to Ossus and Jason moved to handle the increasing duties of the CUF council.

The Fall of Alderaan[edit | edit source]

A month after Maya's departure the AEF battlegroup assigned to be Alderaan's eyes on Haruun Kal received word of a Mandolorian attack on their home planet. They quickly made plans to jump to the planet to assist. Jason took command of Shadow Squadron, a squadron he had formed fifteen years earlier when he was a young commander at the AEF. As the three ships reverted from hyperspace amidst the battle Jason deployed his fighters. After taking in the situation in he knew the planet was lost but left it to Trayt, Lios and others to determine what to do. He led the fighter assault against the Mando's. During the fight he sustained battle damage and had to eject from his fighter. During his EV time a shard of micro shrapnel sliced through his left arm at his shoulder. His battlesuits AI sensed the breach and cut off the remaining skin in order to preserve suit pressure. Jason used the Force to buffer his mind set and head to one of the downed ships using his suits thruster packs. After making safe habour he proceeded to attempt to repair the ships hyperspace drive so it could jump. He soon found out that Mando soldiers had boarded the ship and were actively looking for him. He knew his condition was not up to a prolonged fight so he sent out his final words to the AEF, CUF and Maya. He then surrendered himself to the soldiers knowing that after what Omega did to him eight years earlier, he could face anything the Mando's could throw at him.

Relationships and Personality[edit | edit source]

Aria Concorida[edit | edit source]

Their relationship formed during the First attack on Alderaan. Through Aria's assistance the attack ended shortly after it began and Jason invited her to the planet in thanks to share a drink. The pair soon fell into a short lived romance that was ended by Omega. The male killed their unborn child, a loss that would devastate Jason for years to come and damage his perception of future relationships. Due to Aria's actions during his capture he came to view her with a cold indifference and wary of her role as a Jedi.

Lightning Valentine[edit | edit source]

Lightning and Jason met during his time as leader of Fondor. Oddly enough their first meeting was that she had been sent to kill him. She was trained as a Sith assassin but the light within Jason caused her to rethink her path. The soon two fell in love. She became one of the most loyal companions that Jason had ever had in his life. She refused to leave his side during the attack on Dantooine and risked her life to save his when Stridal attacked Fondor to kill him. Sadly though when she was murdered that was what brought Jason to embrace the dark side. Her death would haunt Jason the rest of his life.

Maya Whitelight[edit | edit source]

Hesitant to enter into another relationship ever again, his relationship with Maya was slow to form despite their mutual attraction. Jason saw something in Maya that he hadn't seen in a long time, someone who could fill the void that Lightning had left in his heart. The child that the two had conceived meant as much to him as Maya did.

Personality traits[edit | edit source]

Jason always displayed a tendency to be headstrong and head into a situation without fully analyzing the situation. But as he grew older and wiser he began to act wiser and more conservatively despite his reckless tendencies. One of the defining things about the man is his loyalty to his friends. To those he cares for he would die to protect, four men especially; Jacob Lios, Fredric Reis, Lious Trayt and Thomas Greyland. He has gone to great lengths in order to prevent their harm. In relation to light and dark Jason has always behaved more in a Judicial way. He viewed actions in a term of crime and punishment, often doing things others thought of as dark side actions in the name of Justice for all. He never once though crossed the line of killing another that did not directly harm him or another.

About the author[edit | edit source]

'Ello, I guess this is the part where I tell a bit about myself. My name is Sean Tyer, I have been writing on JvS since the forum opened and then for about a year before that on the Facebook Ap. The character set of Jason Dramon has been my own personal character I have written with is several rps prior to JvS but he truly began to take shape here.

Jason was brought from characters such as Wedge Antilles, Corran Horn and Kel Tainer. When I first brought Jason in here I didn't expect for him to be as compelling as he was, I was going to kill him off about half year into my rping into the site. But I felt there was a little more story to tell with him. So, a little evidently turned into another 3 years of writing with him.

I myself am currently 21 years of age and I live in a charming -Cough cough- state called Arkansas. Currently I am in between semesters in college and am just now returning to the JvS world after a few months leave. So, if you have any stories you need help writing or just someone to screw around with then drop me a line. My email is on my member profile on the site.


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