The Jar'Kai staff is based on the concept of paired lightsabers. It is a single hilt, slightly longer than a standard lightsaber, that splits in the center to form two hilts just long enough to be held in a single hand. A small disc is generally placed around the ends of each hilt, especially around the emitters, to prevent the wielder's hand from sliding onto the blade.

The blades of a Jar'Kai staff are basic, and slightly shorter than a standard length blade. This is due to the limited amount of space available for the systems inside the hilt.

A jar'kai staff can be wielded either as a saberstaff, a single saber of normal length (if the hilts are joined), or a pair of sabers with shortened hilts. It provides some advantage over a standard saberstaff as the shortened hilt leaves little room for a strike at the hilt itself.

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