Lord James Loyderas was a major Dark Lord of the Sith in the Jedi Vs Sith rpg.

Lord James Loyderas
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Lord Electrix, Lord Amun


Early HistoryEdit

James Loyderas was born on Ruusan, though his parents were aristocrats, and found there by a jedi master, no one knows who he is but some say it was prophecy. He would later rise to the ranks of Jedi Master. His old master would vanish mysteriously.

The TurningEdit

Lord James would awake and see the Universe in shambles the republic was growing and a new sith Lord was in power Feral Ragnos. James always aured of his destiny would work with the Jedi Order and then would betray it. He belive Feral Ragnos. Then, he became Lord James Loyderas, Dark Lord of the Sith, and he felt complete.

Ruling BalmorraEdit

Lord James Loyderas would rule Balmorra. Brining it to new levels of prosperity.

Kashyyyk SithEdit

Lord James Loyderas was currently the second in command of the Kashyyyk Sith. With the title Seth James Loyderas.

Kashyyyk Sith OrderEdit

With the help of fellow KS members James rebelled against Brimstone Saber Windu[[1]] and overthrew him. He then became Sith'ari of the Kashyyyk Sith Order.


James in Armour

Business and Finnacial LifeEdit

Loyderas Corporate SyndicateEdit

James would initiate strong and financially sound practices and plans to make each company he owned or had control in strong in infrastructure and impenetrable to financial crisis. He became a multi-billionaire by his efforts and then launched a plan to give the economy of the Universe a strong business institution. Thus, the Loyderas Corporate Syndicate was launched to do so and encourages economic growth and stability. The Loyderas Corporate Syndicate is involved in all sectors of the market and is moving to a mega-expansion of its entities.

Defense and Intelligent Solutions Inc.Edit

Defense and Intelligent Solutions Inc. is James's current company and is a major corporate conglomerate.


Positions HeldEdit

Head and Founder of Galatic Scientific Observation and Research Orginization
Trade Viceory of the Balmorran Trade Federation
CEO and Founder of Balmorran Trade Corporation
CEO of Amdala-Balmorra Enterprises
CEO and Founder of Balmorran Arms
CEO and Founder of Bank of Balmorra
Former Ruler of Balmorra
Founder and High Shadow Lord of the Shadow Council and leader of temples and
academies of the Shadow Council
Senator of Balmorra during Repblic Days
Governor of Balmorra during True Sith Empire
Capo di Tutti Capi of the Black Sun (head of the criminal empire)
Jen'ari of the Mandalore Sith Acadamey (MA)
Second in command of the Temple of Death
Don of the Loyderas Crime Family
Seth James Loyderas right hand to Pharaoh Brimstone Saber Windu of the Kashyyyk Sith Sith'ari of the Kashyyyk Sith Order
Chief Executive Officer of Loyderas Corporate Syndicate
Executive Director of Loyderas Corporate Syndicate
President of Loyderas Corporate Syndicate
Chief High Priest of the New Rogue Order
Founder and CEO of Defense and Intelligent Solutions Inc.
Founder and CEO of Galasoft
Founder and CEO of Galactic Research Organization
Founder and CEO of Galactic Insurance Corporation
Executive Director, Chairman, and Founder of Galactic Corporate Syndicate
Founder, CEO, and Founder of Galactic Trade Institute
CEO of Galiticon Insurance

Positions Currently HeldEdit

Founder and CEO of Defense and Intelligent Solutions Inc.
A chara of An Tiarna Dubh and honoray IF member

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