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Jak Amdala was born to Skylar Amdala and Mara Amdala, on Gyndine. Jak is the great great grandson of Pooja Naberrie. It is unclear on his birthyear, as his parents were killed when he was at the age of 5, in a battle to rebel against an evil empire ruling Gyndine. The rebels were led by a gallant general, Thomas Kl'ark, who then took Jak under his wing.

Politcal beginings[]

In his teens, Jak started to get involved in politics on Gyndine, encouraged by his foster father, Kl'ark. At the age of 21, Jak joined the Galactic Defense Army, led by Kl'ark, and Admiral Darkiller. Jak was commisioned as a Commander in the Naval forces. He then participated in several campaigns, defending, and attacking planets for the fledgling New Republic, under Supreme Chancellor Vaughn. Amdala became a Senator for Gyndine, with the death of one of the Senators representing Gyndine. He then was made Grand-Admiral of the GDA forces, responsible for the defense of New Republic worlds.

Jak began a slow phasing out of the GDA, as it seemed unnecessary. However, the GDA was replaced by Supreme Chancellor Vaughn, with the Galactic Republic Navy, and Grand Army of the Republic. Jak was bumped back to a Commander in the new Naval forces.

As time crawled on, Jak participated in few naval engagements. However, as there were many Sith spies within the Republic, the Jedi led navy and army stepped down, and destroyed the proud Republic forces.

Poltical/military career[]

Amdala then was appointed, more as a last resort, to the Minister of Defense position. Jak then began the long process, of rebuilding the Republic forces from scratch, requesting money from the Senate to pay for new fleets, and clone forces. As a Senator, he avidly argued for Republic defense forces, and tasked out a Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force for the Republic.

With the leave of Supreme Chancellor Kl'ark, Jak was then voted by the Senate of the Republic, to the position of Supreme Chancellor. Jak presently still works with foreign factions, and rules as the Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic.


Jak enjoys racing air speeders. He has a slight weakness in one on one combat, not really having been trained in the art. Jak often prefers using diplomacy, and a good laugh with good measure, in order to make allies, and to disarm possible enemies.