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|capacity=200 Kg / 440 lbs 14.8 oz (Part of cockpit module, under seat)
|capacity=9 cu. meters / 318 cu. ft.
|consumables=1 week
|consumables=1 week

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"Hard to Get"
Production information

FreiTek (Mk 4), J.T. Riddick & OTI (Mk 5)

Product line



E-Wing, Mk V





Technical specifications
Modified systems

All - complete rebuild of series IV fighter


17.77 meters / 58 ft 3.6 in

  • 13.42 meters / 44 ft ¼ in (in flight)
  • 9.41 meters / 30 ft 10½ in (gear down, wings up)
  • 4.88 meters / 16 ft ⅛ in (in flight)
  • 6.62 meters / 21 ft 8.64 in (gear down, wings up)
  • 10,360 kg (22,840 lbs) empty
  • 16,529 kg (36,440 lbs) with torpedoes
  • 40,569 kg (89,440 lbs) max. take off weight
    • 5,261.7 kg (11,600 lbs) fuel capacity

5035 G


160 (dry thrust) / 172 (afterburner)

Maximum speed (atmosphere)
Dry Thrust
  • 5,189 kph (3,224 mph) at sea level
    • 4.2 Mach
  • 6,116 kph (3,800 mph) at 11,000 m (36,000 feet)
    • 4.95 Mach
Wet Thrust (afterburner)
  • 7,660 kph (4,759 mph) at sea level
    • 6.2 Mach
  • 9,019 kph (5,604 mph) at 11,000 m (36,000 feet)
    • 7.3 Mach
Engine unit(s)

J58-OT 222.411 KN VASIMR Engines (2)

  • Thrust Vectoring
  • Ion Afterburners

J08-OT 222.411 KN VASIMR Thrusters (2)

  • Ion Afterburners
Hyperdrive rating

Class 0.125

Hyperdrive range

786,000 LY

Hyperdrive system

OssusTech SSL-1912 "Slipstream" Drive


Military Grade

  • Ray and Particle Shielding

Impervium Stealth Armor Plating

Sensor systems

Fighter class Draydax System

  • Active Phased Array + Mass Detector
Targeting systems

OT ATS-250 Target ID & Tracking System

  • AESA subsystem
Navigation system

OT TACAN-5 NaviCom system, 30 jump capacity

  • AESA subsystem

OT FBW-4 Fly-by-wire system

  • glass cockpit
  • side mounted control yoke
  • hands on throttle and stick (HOTAS)
  • ties into main computer
Main computer

Kaiburr Systems HAL 9750

  • ties together and manages all systems
  • chaff
  • flares
  • fighter-grade degaussing system
  • advanced faraday cage
  • sensor jamming system / ECM
  • directional EM countermeasures
  • cloaking
  • Stealth
  • Gravitic Modulator

advanced heavy laser cannons (3)

  • 900 rpm per cannon
  • Training mode equipped ("non-leathal")

proton torpedo launcher (1)

  • 16 Torpedo Magazine

6 optional hard points for external stores

  • Up to 24,040 kg (53,000 lbs)
    • lasers cannons
    • ion cannons
    • bombs (Atmo)
    • missiles (S-S, AA, AG)
    • cargo pods
Escape craft

Equipped (cockpit acts as deep space rescue capsule)

Minimum crew




Cargo capacity

9 cu. meters / 318 cu. ft.


1 week

Life support


  • Holonet
  • Subspace
  • Backup Radio
  • IFF system
Other systems
  • Active Electronic Scanning Array
    • Mass Detector Equipped
  • Inertial Damper
  • ASE multi-spectral camera system
    • Allows pilot to keep an eye on targets, even if in blind spots
  • Advanced Security System (prevents theft)
  • Enhanced Self-Destruct System (prevents capture)
  • Moving Wings (for landing, take off & maintenance only)
  • Superfluid cooling for internal systems
  • Modular system setup (maintenance)
    • System quick-disconnects
    • Panel ElectroMag-locks
    • Fiber Optic Data lines With QD connections
    • EM Hardening on all systems
    • Solid State Devices


  • Interceptor
  • Escort Fighter
  • Reconnaissance
  • Scouting
  • Air and Space Superiority
  • Suppresion of Enemy Air/space Defenses
  • Offensive Counter Air/Space
  • Close Air Support and Battle Aerospace Interdiction
  • Assaults and Strikes
  • Fighter-bomber/Strike-Fighter
  • Patrols
  • Naval Strikes
  • Riddick's Personal Fighter/Transport

Post-Legacy Era

Known owner(s)

Jaecyn Tiberius Riddick

  • Bird
  • Katjya
  • Iron Mistress
  • Trip-O (The 000 tail number)
  • Scimitar
  • Various military call signs
  • Various curses from angry opponents
  • Aurora

Jaecyn Riddick's Mk 5 E-Wing originally started its life as a Mk 4 E-Wing, having served in the Tanaab starfighter wings before being retired. It was in remarkably good condition for a craft soon to be sold for scrap metal, when Riddick came across it, just weeks before he went to the Grey Jedi Council.

Eventually, he returned to Ossus with it, and over the next few years, upgraded it, starting with weapons and armor. Upon the founding of OssusTech, even more upgrades went into it, including new computer systems, better engines, and stealth. It became one of Riddick's pet projects, and the basis for all other E-Wings in the employ of the Ysannan military, which would become the Ossus Defense Force.

This fighter, in it's original Mk 4 version was present during a battle for Kashyyyk, in which the Sith took control of the planet. During the battle, a human woman he knew was killed. When he found out about it, he named the craft "Hell Hath No Fury," as a kind of symbolic gesture of retribution, that when his fighter goes up against Sith opponents, he'd be "getting one back" for her. He painted the name and a picture of her on his craft, and it has since remained, even during it's reformation and current usage. He would later rename the craft "Hard to Get," accounting for the fact that while his craft has sustained hits over it's "extended" lifetime, it hasn't been shot down.

As with most equipment he came into contact with, Riddick was always looking to improve it. This particular craft would be, for him, an opportunity to blend the most essential elements of dogfighting, thus creating a whole new class of machine that would dominate in the fighter arena. As Riddick was no stranger to trouble of many kinds, it was also essential for him, personally, to have a vehicle that would be as adaptable and versatile, and be able to either evade trouble, or get rid of the trouble.

He still flies it today, and is attached to the 1st Fighter Squadron, 1st Fighter Wing of the ODF during military operations. The unit is serving onboard the ODFS Ferrin Sha along with seventeen other squadrons of Mk 5 E-wings, and six squadrons of XJ9 X-Wings and six of K-Wings. To his credit, Riddick has 126 kills in this craft, a vast majority of them being Sith, as they've more often stricken Ossus in combat.

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