Jaccien Ordo was born on Mandalore to the last remaining Taung family on Mandalore. Being pure Taung, he stands tall at almost 10 foot tall. He was raised as a Mando child should be for his twelve years living on Mandalore, until one day Jaccien's family went to visit Dxun, the place of his ancestors. While there they were ambushed by Jedi "Peace-Keepers". All were killed except for Jaccien. Jaccien was taken captive and brought apon the Jedi ship where he was treated poorly and beaten. But on their way back to Coruscant, on a stop for supplies on an unknown planet, the Jedi were attacked by Sith. The Jedi were killed and Jaccien was taken again. The Sith could see the anger in Jaccien and treated him well. They told him that he was safe and he would be taken to Kashyyyk to learn the ways of the sith under Feral Ragnos. Jaccien had heard the name before and knew it was evil, but it looked like he had no choice. So it happened, he was taken to Kashyyyk and he learned the ways of the sith. When he was 16 he left the planet he had learned to love to run a mercenary life. At the age of 17 he was running his own mercenary company named the "Dark Light Military". He befirended Lord Davak, whom he gave the position of High Admiral over the Naval branch of the Dark Light Military. They served the SSS/NSO and fought independently as well. At the age of 19 Jaccien decided to make his way back home to Mandalore, so he went back and was welcomed with open arms. He was retaught the ways of a Mandalorian and was promoted to Solec'verd of the Mandalorian Empire under Cassus Fett. He served there for many years until his disappearance, only to resurface recently and serve his vode once again. Jaccien later rose to power within his own clan, Ordo, and eventually succeeded Matthew Rhodes when Rhodes left on a mission to deep space for the Mandalorian Empire.


Jaccien is a Taung, a species that created the Mandalorian Culture. They are generally tall, usually brown-haired, and are near-human.
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Jaccien also has many scars and such all over his body from wars previously fought.

Jacciens ArmorEdit

Jaccien's Armor (or Beskar'Gam) is white and black, both sets are. One has the look of a barbarian which he often wears into battle and most other times. His other set of armor is white and black but it has more of a formal look to it, so it is usually worn on special occasions. Both have the Ordo Crest on one arm and the Mandalorian Crest on the other