Ithor was the fourth planet located in Ottega system of the Mid Rim. It was a planet full of lush life, and the planet's surface had not a touch of civilization on it. The Ithorians themselves, otherwise known as "Hammerheads," built great floating cities that did not harm the surface, which they considered to be sacred. Entry upon the surface was forbidden, unless one stayed there permanently. Some Ithorians such as the Oracle were compelled to go down to the planet surface, however, as they "heard the call" of Mother Jungle, the Ithorian religion's personification of Ithor's world-spanning jungle. The surface of the planet of Ithor played host to numerous plants, including the bafforr tree, which possessed telepathic capabilities. The planet contained andurite stone, and every three Ithorian years was the center of the Time of Meeting. The planet had many moons in its night sky.


Ithor joined the Galactic Republic prior to 8,000 BBY. In 439 BBY, scientists attempted to bond the telepathic capablities of the bafforr tree with another, more vicious tree on the planet surface. The result was a new parasitic life form named "Spore," but its parasitic hostility forced the Ithorians to lock it away in an asteroid 300 BBY. It was long afterwards discovered by miners. Following the Battle of Yavin, the planet was occupied by the Galactic Empire, which attempted to employ the native biotech for military applications. The Empire was ousted from the planet by Momaw Nadon with the help of the Rebel Alliance.

Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Empire planned to attack the planet. The Rebel Alliance heard of these plans prior to the attack and dispatched Han Solo to rescue a group of Ithorians wishing to evacuate. Just a few minutes before the attack, Han and his co-pilot Chewbacca were able to rescue the Ithorians. A small battle raged afterwards, with many TIE Fighters. Han and Chewbacca managed to dodge space slugs in a nearby asteroid field and place the Ithorians on Bimmisaari.

Umwaw Moolis represented the planet in the New Republic Senate.


However, by 25 ABY, Ithor's tranquil existence came to an end. The Yuuzhan Vong Invasion blazed a trail from the Outer Rim, and Ithor lay directly in their path. Retreating from Dantooine and Dubrillion, the New Republic made a stand at the planet, hoping to resist the invasion long enough to make use of the bafforr tree pollen, which had somehow reacted violently with the living armor of the Yuuzhan Vong. The battle entered into a state of stalemate, until Jedi Knight Corran Horn dueled Shedao Shai, the leader of the Yuuzhan Vong forces, with the planet Ithor at stake. Though Horn was victorious, Shai's subordinate, Deign Lian, was ordered by Warmaster Tsavong Lah to unleash a plague of toxins upon the planet, in order to eliminate any chance of a pollen-based bioweapon. The virulent biochemicals (a biological gray goo) rapidly turned Ithor's verdant forests and animal life into a black ooze which spread and destroyed everything it touched.

In retaliation, the assembled Remnant and New Republic forces fired massive barrages of Concussion Missiles and proton torpedoes at the Yuuzhan Vong command ship, Legacy of Torment, which broke into three sections. The rear end of the massive warship tumbled into the now hydrogen-oxygen rich atmosphere and ignited it, turning Ithor into a firestorm ridden inferno of a planet.

Ithor's Legacy

As of 35 ABY (when the Dark Nest Crisis began and ended), the Ithorians were attempting to relocate to Borao. This attempt almost failed due to the presence of the RePlanetHab organization, who claimed the rights for the world. Chief of State Cal Omas was able to block RePlanetHab's attempts at the "suggestion" of Leia Organa Solo. However, considering the Ithorians' skills in ecology and their previous experience in re-terraforming worlds such as Telos, Ithor could have been reinhabited one day. By the end of the Swarm War in 36 ABY (the same year it began), some scientists were residing on the planet, studying it in hopes of rehabilitation, but most Ithorians settled on Borao.

Behind the Scenes

The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion mistakenly places Ithor in the Calaron Sector of the Outer Rim.

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