Isus was a young human female naval officer who manned the battlefield overview holotable in the command center of the Endor 'Hub' Battlestation. She worked with Fleet Admiral Fred to command the Night Jedi forces on and around Endor. She was eventually promoted to Fleet Admiral herself, and served in that capacity until she was murdered by the Phoenix Imperium.

History[edit | edit source]

She was recruited by Rahmus, straight out of naval academy, and went directly into service onboard the 'Hub' station. She was an excellent sensor operative, and had a firm grasp of tactics and command too.

When Fleet Admiral Fred died, shortly after the Night Jedi vs Valerian Encounter, Isus was promoted to Fleet Admiral, and she served aboard the 'Reliant'. She commanded the Night Jedi fleet during the Iron Fists War from aboard the VSDII Reliant. After the battle, Isus took 5 other officers aboard a Lambda-class Shuttle and visited various shipyards seeking good deals for replacement starships and crew. She personally oversaw a deal with Sorosuub for 2 Liberator-class cruisers and 5 Starfire Bombers.

After a short time of searching shipyards, she came across the Zion Inc shipyards on Mustafar. After encountering no-one in any of the offices, she and Conan Starrunner sliced into the computers and temporarily commandeered the shipyards. Seeing a Crossbone-class Cruiser half finished and mothballed in the yards, they called on Night Jedi command, and Jobie Wan Kenobi brought Nightscythe and the Night Jedi engineering teams across to her for repairs.

After overseeing repairs, she took many of the workers back to Sullust to pick up the ships from Sorosuub, and took them back to Endor. She then was stationed aboard the 'Hub' Battlestation for some time, monitoring traffic to and from the Forest Moon.

After receiving a transmission from Mon Shurima, she took Luke Nimitz with her to Kamino to resolve an issue with the Kamino Clones and Exports business. During the negotiations, things turned violent, and Isus was shot dead by men of the Imperium Second Fleet.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

She was created by User:Calmaen vor Lalimar as a character for Fleet Admiral Fred to give commands to, and bounce ideas off.

Her promotion was one of the changes implemented to show time had passed when Jobie Wan Kenobi returned from sabbatical.

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