Wild Space




Cool, Stormy


1.2X standard

Primary terrain

Ocean, islands

Surface water


Points of interest

Crais Island

Native species



19 million

Irrson is the homeworld of the Salkeyri. It is mostly stormswept ocean, ranging anywhere from half a kilometer to sixty kilometers deep in many places; the deepest point, in fact, is over one hundred ten kilometers deep.

One of Irrson's islands.

There are small islands scattered over the surface, protected from weathering by the vast forests of crimson kelp that grow in the shallower regions. It is in the kelp that the Salkeyri build their cities, though they have some outposts in the depths and on the islands as well.

Irrson has a single island that does not seem natural to the world: Crais Island, a towering black rock edifice with an immense stronghold, long abandoned, carved into the stone. Who built the place, who raised up the unnatural but enduring mass of rock, is unknown, but it goes back far beyond the memories of the Salkeyri.

The seas of Irrson are influenced not only by the planet's moisture-laden and energetic atmosphere, but by the gravitational battle between the three large moons orbiting. Immense tide waves known as wavewalls have on occasion been known to race all the way around the planet before subsiding.

Irrson was known to be in somewhat close proximity to Ubel, another world in Wild Space.


A kelp forest.

The Dark Years Edit

Some fifty years after the timeline in which the events of the JvS universe are assumed to take place, Irrson was devastated by the destruction of the largest of its three moons in an attack by a hostile fleet. The loss of the moon's gravity wreaked havoc on the planet's tides, causing the wavewalls to become both more frequent and more massive. It was not uncommon after the disaster for a wavewall to reach twenty to thirty kilometers in height. As a result, the kelp forests were for the most part uprooted and destroyed, while the islands succumbed to erosion and weathering without the kelp's protection, quickly falling to pieces under the battering of the wavewalls. Only Crais Island survived.