Iron Hawk-Bat Technique

Iron Hawk-Bat was a style of Teräs Käsi created by the Famine Lord. After having trained in this martial art for several decades, Dragus managed to combine both the hand to hand combat skills he had learned with several Force techniques he had mastered. The end result was a style of Teräs Käsi that incorporated both Shatterpoint and Force Speed. It was so effective that during the Outer Haven crisis, Dragus was actually able to use the ability to pluck fired projectiles from the air. Later, during the duel between Famine and Eradomens on Shili, the Sith clone used the ability to disarm his opponent and literally break down the Darksider's weapons into their most basic elements.

Behind the ScenesEdit

This particular style of hand to hand combat is heavily influenced by the real life martial art of Karate. When used the author generally focuses on key points such as stance, airflow, momentum, and limb positioning. Obviously due to the unique characteristics of the style, only Force sensitive characters would be able to imitate it.