Production information

Republic Sienar Systems/
unknown Sith workshop


Heavily customised Star Courier


Space Transport

Technical specifications

26.5 meters


3,730 G

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1,180 km/h

Engine unit(s)

Sienar X-C2 ion drive array

Hyperdrive rating
Hyperdrive system

Sienar SSDS 11-A

Power plant

Heavy power generators (4)



Sensor systems

Several advanced sensors
and tracking devices

Targeting systems

Highly advanced

Navigation system


  • dual repeating blasters
  • solar ionisation cannons (2)
  • heavy laser cannons (2)
  • Pilot (1)
  • Co-pilot droid (1)
Minimum crew

1 Pilot



Cargo capacity

2.5 tons


30 days


Hypercomm array

Other systems

Stygium Cloaking Device

Earliest sighting

30 ABY

Present for battles/events

Night Jedi Order

Known owner(s)



Jobie Wan Kenobi

The 'Invisible' was Jobie Wan Kenobi's personal Sith Infiltrator. It was a custom, one of a kind ship, modified from a Star Courier design, although its design was heavily based upon the Sienar Fleet Systems plans for Darth Maul's 'Scimitar' Infiltrator.


It was fully cloakable, with a Stygium cloaking device, and combat ready, with a large array of lasers and launchers hidden behind fast-jettisonable hull plates. It carried a large arsenal of hand weapons, probe droids, interrogation droids, and 3 maintenance astromech units. Because of the large array of weapons, and thus demand on the power core, Invisible had to de-cloak to fire.



While having the capability to travel the entire galaxy under its own power, especially when using Tibanna Gas fuel additives, 'Invisible' was known to dock aboard the Reliant, a Victory II-class Star Destroyer for longer range/higher profile transport.


'Invisible' was provided for Jobie Wan by his Sith Master, whose identity has never been determined. It was specifically designed by his master, from the stolen Scimitar plans.

Jobie used it on multiple missions before leaving the Sith, and took it with him when he became a freelance bounty hunter. It then remained in his possession, providing his main transportation.

Invasion of EndorEdit

After visiting various places throughout the Universe, including Hutt Space and Bespin, Jobie Wan Kenobi met the Night Jedi Rahmus Baktran, who recruited him to spy on the Forest Moon of Endor. Jobie used Invisible for this purpose, remaining hidden at Endor until the order to invade was given. Jobie then landed and utilised a speeder he kept aboard Invisible for the attack.

Other encountersEdit

Invisible mostly remained on or around Endor for some time, until the Night Jedi fought a battle out toward Corellia, during the battle, Jobie utilised Invisible's starfighter capabilities to fight alongside the Night Jedi fighters.

Some time later, TC18 flew the Invisible to Pydyr to fetch Jobie back to Endor in anticipation of an attack.


Invisible then remained on Endor for a considerable time, occasional getting used for diplomatic missions, such as to see the Grey Sith Order on Ossus. However, when Jobie took an extended sabbatical to see the Universe, he used Invisible as his transport, and visited almost every notable system in the Universe.

Iron Fists WarEdit

Upon his return, Jobie was called on by Kyle Tinto to help fight against the Warriors of the Iron Fists. Jobie used Invisible to visit Kyle on Muunilinst, to plan the attack, before they attacked Manaan. During the battle, Jobie once again used Invisible as a starfighter, fighting alongside the Night Jedi pilots of Yellow Group. Later in the battle, Jobie flew a distraction raid on Iniquitous' ships that were attacking the Drunken Fist. Shortly after this, the battle ended, and Jobie returned in the Invisible to Endor.

Rebuilding the Night JediEdit

During the rebuilding process, an opportunity was found at the Zion Inc shipyards on Mustafar. Jobie took Invisible aboard Nightscythe to investigate, but had to return to Endor shortly afterward for diplomatic reasons. Later, Jobie took Invisible to the Kamino system to resolve a trade dispute there. Upon his return to Endor, Invisible was manned by Jobie's droid Teesee, who used Invisible's sensors to listen in on Jobie's comlink frequency, in case he needed any assistance during his latest mission.