NOE Inquisitorius

An Inquisitorium Stealth Belt is a piece of cloaking technology constructed and worn by the Grand Adjudicator of the New Order of the Eye. It was designed to be worn around the wearer's waist like a belt, with all the important electronics stored in the clasp at the front. The outer casing was in the shape of a thick stylized "I", a symbol recognized by the Order as belonging to its judicial sect, otherwise known as the Inquisitorius. Essentially the clasp contained a stealth field generator capable of projecting a field around an individual, rendering them invisible at medium to long ranges. The cloaking field was maintained even when the belt was in motion; however, rapid movement would cause the field to distort or even fail. Overuse would cause the stealth field generator to overheat and eventually shut down.

Known UsesEdit

The belt was a regular accompanying accessory for the Vindicare Assassins and Force sensitive Demon Hunters that served under the Grand Field Marshal of the NOE, Inquisitor Kryptman. In later years, the Famine Lord and his personal Umbaran Shadow Assassins would make regular use of the personal cloaking device. Dragus' own device was amplified by twin stygium crystals imbedded in the palms of his hands, allowing for greater stealth field integrity.

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