Imperial Sith Order Edit

The Imperial Sith Order (Otherwise known as ISO) focuses on the complete an utter destruction of Jedi. Although they do believe in ancient Sith Teachings. Their philosophy is similar to One Sith.

History Edit

Started by the Sith'Ari Feral Ragnos. The ISO started off with only two planets: Mygeeto and Korriban. Then the Sith Consortium took Korriban in a hostile takeover and Mygeeto was taken over by the forces of Mandalore. Even though, these two planets were lost. The ISO would never give up. They came back capturing 11 planets in all. If there's some things to know about them, they are these:

1. They will fight for a purpose. 2. They will always help a fellow brethren 3. They will rise.

Known Members Edit

~Head of State~ Emperor:- Feral Ragnos Warmaster:-Valkro Thundara ~Head of Government~ Dread Lords:--Lord Cruor --Lady San Zabar --Nicholas Phillios-Braeden~Military~ Military Executor: --Saber Windu Brimstone Ra Supreme Commander:--Stridal Grand Admiral:--Lord Kane High General:--Xedian Vulcan Stryfe Admiral:--Blackhawk --Koth Kre'tu General:--Sakin Vermogen --Stormacht Undom --Lord Sol Commander: --Atia Khar --Conlaodh --Volk Malreux --Fenrir Thundara --Kilo Family --Cal Novar