"If you will not serve in combat, then you will serve as obsticles on the line."
―Imperial Commissar Sasa Ortegg

Commissar was a position elected by the Sith Empire's Army Minister. The Commissar was tasked with the duty to maintain the morlae, baring and loyalty of the troops during their massive campaigns. Often in the face of staggering casualties and risk of being overwhelmed, the Commissar was empowered to use any means necessary to ensure the loyalty and moral purity to his or her charges while under the service of the Army Minister and Emperor. The Commissar is regarded with a mixture of fear and admiration by the ranks.

Other DutiesEdit


Other duties included keeping an eye on the troops coming and going. This included keeping troops and those under the authority of the Army Minister from doing something stupid, such as betraying the Empire or retreating.. If a individual opted to retreat from battle and without authentic orders, the Commissar had the authority to terminate the individual(s) and would relieve them of thier services by means of death and without mercy. The position alone was of an authority figure highly praised and considered an officer that was outside the heirarchy of ranks. Regarded as both Commissar to the Army Minister, the position alone was also referred to as a Discipline Master.


The Commissar was free to move and perform their duties as they so pleased and saw most fit. When a major military operation went underway, the Commissar was likely to be called upon and present during the operation(s), as part of their commiserate duties.


6,900 BBYEdit

The position was established within the Sith Empire in 6,900 BBY, the end of its position or existence has never clearly been confirmed by the Republic.

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