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(Original Pre Ferals return) The Imperial Alliance in the beginning made great strides in the galactic community. The Imperials quickly became the most secretive and most influencial organization in the galaxy. Their sworn duty to stop Feral Ragnos' return to power at all costs and to expand its territories and Will upon the universe. The Imperials were extremely successful in the beginning, but it was not long until disloyalty and unchecked ambition consumed the weakminded followers of the Imperium. Now, after years of infighting and purging the Imperial Alliance returns with a new goal and rejunivated souls. With the newly forged Imperial Council as its executor the Imperial Alliance turns center stage to face there destiny!

(Post Ferals Return) The Imperial Alliance is a faction formed from the New Imperial Remnant and the Shadow Alliance and others. The goal is to restore the Imperial ways of old to the Universe.


The Imperial Alliance's sole purpose was to instill Imperialism back in the galaxy.. But their was another.. The imperial alliance was full of members who had studied sith Teaching's, But the believed there was not such thing as the Sith or the Jedi.. These "Religions" were fabricated by the early Jedi order to make the sith look evil when in reality they werent, they were as evil as the jedi made them seem.. Jedi have been evil too, the force doesnt make u evil, you make you evil.. They believed the Jedi created the stories behind the sith because they looked like saviors while the sith looked like devils. Thus the goal of the Imperial Alliance was to unite the Sith and Willing Jedi to join together and fight off the opression of the Jedi Order and the Sith that would destroy the universe..


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founded=End of universe 1.0