{{{Ice Bomb}}}
Production information

500,000 "7

Physical and technical specifications



1 Megaton


4.5 kilometers

Usage and history

High grade explosive


JvS Golden

Unlike the nuclear weapons that most Mandalorians favour MandalMine Collective tends to frown on weapons that cause pointless widespread damage such as radioactive fallout. To that end, the Ice Bomb is a large scale 'clean' explosive. The Ice Bomb makes use of a sliver of a super cooled quantum condensate (Coruscant Nights I: Jedi Twilight, pg 184). Much of the Ice Bomb's mass is actually the laser system required to damaged the condensate's protective glaze. The Ice Bomb takes several seconds after arming before it detonates. If the Ice Bomb is damaged enough to disable the laser array inside, the weapon will not explode but will instead begin to superheat & burn, destroying itself relatively harmlessly. If it detonates, it explodes with roughly 1 Megaton of energy. When this happens, anything within 2.45 kilometers will be completely destroyed, nothing on the surface will survive (it will also dig itself a rather large crater). Beyond that, anything on the surface within 4.5 kilometers is going to be either destroyed or severely damage, even if it is reinforced. Anyone outside within 8 kilometers will get third degree burns. Finally, anyone looking in the direction of the blast that is within 21 kilometers during the day or 85 kilometers at night will be at least temporarily blinded.

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