Icarus was a ship used by the Osarian Guard for ground assaults. It had two versions, a Daedalion/Dorn occupation cruiser (Icarus) and a Victory I Star Destroyer (Icarus II).

Behind the Scenes Edit

Icarus was named for the son of the mythological figure Daedalus, who after being exiled along with his son built wings from feathers and wax and flew away from the island they had been exiled to. The name's symbolism seems, to a point, counterproductive; according to the legend, Daedalus was the only one who escaped safely after Icarus flew to close to the sun, which melted the wax holding his wings together and left him plunging to the sea. This is, however, more appropriate to the ship's purpose than it seems at first to be, as of all the subclasses within the Daedalion class (named for Daedalus so that the Icarus or Dorn subclass may well be seen as a "son" of the Daedalion), the Icarus subclass alone is intended to touch the surface of a planet.