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Jedi Knight Ianthe Avalbane

Jedi Knight Ianthe Avalbane, like Naenia Hiiaka and Mindel Kuiwa, was a member of the all female, Order of the White Orchid, and resided at their headquarters, the Oshun Citadel on Dubrillion.

Unlike the majority of the order, Ianthe was not a native of the Order's home world, Hakassi, but rather a native of Spria. After travelling with her parents and older sister from her home planet, she was inducted into the Order aged just 3 1/2. Her Mother and sister were killed during the Kalma Wars, by her father, who as a scientist based at the doomed facility, became infected with the Virus.

Ianthe shares a close friendship with both Mindel and Aine Levana, all of which had some connection with the Kalma Facility.

Although skilled with a blade, the blonde, blue eyed Jedi viewed fighting as a last resort and focused all her attentions on Mediation and Conflict Resolution through Negotiations.

Behind the Scenes[]

Ianthe was a Character from the mind of Chiara Paolo.

Ms Paolo was also the creator of Astera Jaydi, Naenia Hiiaka and Mindel Kuiwa. Although Chiara had Role Played on JvS 1.0 (Using an alternate Character), she made the switch to another Star Wars based Role Playing game before returning to JvS 1.5 in 2009.