IJSMP-100x Cruiser

The IJSMP-100x Cruiser with the HS-1 "Armageddon" guns obstructed by the prow

Rather boxy looking, seemingly missing the creative aspect that DeathTech Industries favors, the IJSMP-100x Cruiser was designed to obliterate the defenses of any fleet it encountered. With two of the massive HS-1 "Armageddon" Gatling-style Plasma cannons it can preform extremely powerful surgical strikes on a planet's surface, crack through the shielding and armor of a defense station such as a Golan or overwhelm the shields of a capitol ship, even one such as an Executor SSD. The UCBPL Reactor was a project that was picked up and continued to completion by the scientists at DeathTech Industries, although the size had to be increased in order to increase stability. The first was used to power the cannons and the second was used to power the rest of the systems of the ship. The upper 200 meters of the IJSMP-100x Cruiser housed the systems of the two HS-1 "Armageddon" guns with the remaining 500 meters utilized for crew space, the UCBPL Reactors, and all other systems of the vessel, including a ventral hangar which could house up to 30 fightercraft or 15 Lambda-Class shuttles (or other vessels of similar size). Because of its lack of secondary weaponry, the IJSMP-100x Cruiser relied on the rest of the fleet, particularly the support class and fighters to provide some protection from other capitol ships and starfighters. Once the main guns were turned onto their targets however, the IJSMP-100x Cruiser was capable of holding its own against almost any vessel. In addition to the fighter support it also had [10] 30mm slugthrower-based point defense cannons to help repel fighter attacks and bombing runs. Because the HS-1 "Armageddon" had a 10 second delay between firings the two guns on the IJSMP-110x would alternate, each gun firing every 5 seconds. Allowing for greater efficiency and a better chance of keeping the enemy vessel from mounting a counter-attack. Also because of its obvious weaknesses the IJSMP-100x Cruiser employed three separate shielding generators along with heavy armor that was capable of dispersing energy attacks as well as provide extreme protection against kinetic damage.

Technical SpecificationsEdit


  • 1000 meters


  • 500 meters


  • 700 meters





  • 1,350



  • Class 2
    • Backup Class 6



800,000,000 credits