Hoth Citadel was a Night Jedi Citadel led by Patriarch Tenlith Orcist. It was situated near to Echo Base.

It was the center of a terraforming project that had at one stage converted the entire southern hemisphere to grasslands.

Layout InfoEdit

7 floors:


  • Main Instruction Chamber
  • Archives
  • Catacombs (Below Archives)
  • Entrance Tunnels

1st. FloorEdit

2nd. FloorEdit

  • Dormitries
  • Weapons Training Class
  • Tech Center
  • Med Center
  • Mess Hall

3rd. FloorEdit

  • Dormitires
  • Advanced Classrooms
  • Map Room

4th. FloorEdit

  • Dormitires
  • Lecture Hall
  • Main Furnace
  • Power Core
  • Hangar

5th. FloorEdit

  • Dormitries
  • Defense Command Center
  • Security Center

6th. FloorEdit

7th. FloorEdit

  • Council Room
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