Manufacturer: Throndec Industries, Shiar Throndec

Production Rights: Throndec Industries, Shiar Throndec, Salnor

Functionality: personal combat practice system

Cost: 50,000

Developed by Throndec Industries for the next level of Jedi combat training. Basic training remote technology, modified with holoprojectors. They are the any time, anywhere virtual reality system. A central computer (looks like a silver briefcase) has preset programs, or user can customize settings. When you turn on the computer, the remotes scan the immediate area, followed by the trainee. The display of a species, gender, and number can be changed to the person's name, which the computer can then evaluate the person's difficulty readiness and adjust, "learn" that person's style to increase difficulty just as a real combatant would, and keep track of scores to measure progress. The computer controls the remotes, telling them what to project. The system works best with another Jedi at the computer who can simulate the "presence" of the images, as well as adjust the difficulty.

OOC: think of it something close the the X-Men's Danger Room.