Hellborn Allied Military
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  • Bassadro
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During the War of the Plague

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The Hellborn Allied Military was formed when Colonel Ramiel Diux, a dark lord of the sith and soldier formed a military to fight the growing threat of the infected plague that was emerging as a force that would take over the Galaxy. Some of his apprentices, as well as a few Jedi joined him in it's creation when it's primary HQ was built on Bassadro.

The Birth of Power

The Hellborn Allied Military was formed by Colonel Ramiel Diux, and grew to have allies in many parts of the Galaxy, including the mandalorians as well as the Order of the Crystal Rose on Helska IV. The Military was formed on Bassadro as it's base was built after the first attack by the infected on the planet was beaten off and crushed. Colonel Diux served as one of two Commanders of the Hellborns, along with Colonel Jack Stealer. The Fleet Commander was Major Jack Mapio, also known as Darth Sitis, one of Diux' sith apprentices. The Field Marshall of the Armoured Support was Major Corallis, while Major Linn Kalin, a Jedi, led the Infantry Battalion. Capt Rissa Sser-Kalin, Linn's sister also served in the military, acting as the Wing Commander, commanding all starfighters. Finally, Darth Nex, also known as Major Atuna Lemep, served as the Commander of the Commando Detachment, a highly skilled and specialzed section within the Hellborns.

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