Curved Dagger

Dragus' wintrium shikkar, the "Headsman".

Sometime after the Sith invasion of Myrkr, the NOE's Famine Lord sent one of his acolytes to the planet of Klatooine in the Outer Rim. The Acolyte, faithful servant of Dragus and known by the name Caspian Knowles, arrived at the Fountain of Hutt Ancients to examine a marvel the Sith of the Order had just become aware of. Apparently wintrium was a type of glass, hardened over several thousand years until it was nearly indestructible. After verifying the truth of the claim, Caspian rode out into Klatooine's desert, several kilometres from the location of the Fountain. It was there that he found another deposit of wintrium, which he proceeded to carve away from the desert floor. Removing the resilient substance took hours, even with the aid of a lightsaber blade. Eventually a substantial amount of the substance was recovered and later flown to Pzob, the cradle of the Eye.

Dragus forged the wintrium into a shikkar, otherwise known as a glass dagger. Normally a shikkar was meant to have its blade impaled in an opponent, then snapped off at the hilt so as to leave the glass shard imbedded. Such was not to be the case with the wintrium since the glass used was so durable, no one person could cause it to break. Instead the glass blade would operate in the same way as a regular dagger, minus a vibration unit in the hilt. One edge of the blade was serrated, allowing the blade to be used for sawing as well as stabbing and slashing. Because of that unique feature, the Famine Lord named the blade the "Headsman", which he often used to remove the heads of his enemies following death.

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