Haruun Kal
  • Mid Rim
  • Al’Har system
  • 1: *Al’Har
  • Moon belt
Rotation period
  • 25.5 standard hours
Orbital period
  • 383 local days
  • Terrestrial
  • 10,120 KM
  • 80% Toxic
  • 20% breathable
  • Temperate
  • 0.98 Standard
Primary terrain
  • Toxic Cloudsea
  • Plateaus
  • Volcanoes
  • Jungles
Points of interest
  • Jedi Temple
  • Kal Corp
Native species
  • Korunnai
Immigrated species
  • 96% Humans
  • 4% other
Official language
  • Galactic Basic
  • Korunni
  • Local
  • 705,300 in 22 BBY
Major cities
  • Pelek Baw (capital)
  • Oran Mas
Major imports
  • Technology
Major exports
  • Natural Resources
  • Council of the Unified Force

This page describes Haruun Kal as it appears in the Jedi v Sith Universe. For the canonical Haruun Kal, see Wookieepedia: Haruun Kal

Haruun Kal (Above the Clouds in Basic, also known as Haruun Kul or Al'Har I) was the home world of the famed Jedi Master Mace Windu. It is on the Gevarno Loop hyperspace route. It takes 383 local days to orbit its star, Al'Har. It has a moon belt with an undefined amount of moons. The system also contains an asteroid belt of substantial size. The capital city is Pelek Baw with other minor cities including Oran Mas. Its major exports are high technology and resources gathered By Kal Corp. Haruun Kal is home to Both Kal Corp and a Jedi Temple built and run by the Council of the Unified force.

Jedi TempleEdit

The Jedi Temple on Haruun Kal is located on the Korunnal Highland about 15 kilometers north of Pelek Baw. This Temple was originally meant to resemble the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, however after the Kashyyyk Sith Order destroyed the first temple it was commissioned to be rebuilt after the Jedi were giving back control of Haruun Kal. After it was rebuilt its appearance changed dramatically. Jedi Master Arden Brandwyn and Jedi Master Murdock Shan commissioned for the Council Chambers to be built with 8 chairs set up, in the pattern of an octagon. It sits in the center of the temple with a door set behind each seat so all occupants have the exact same view in order to avoid anyone member feeling as though they are the leader or at the 'head' of the council. This is probably the most unique feature of the new temple.

Of course there are other facilities as well. There are dormitories and classrooms for when the school side of the temple is active again. There are dining facilities, communications centers, medical facilities, landing pads and hanger bays, which are standard at most temples of this size. The Hallways were built to get new comers and enemies lost within them. With out a map such a person could get lost for days with in there walls. Another point of interest would be Master Brandwyn’s gardens just outside of the temple as you leave. A farmer by birth, he enjoys his garden and fiercely protects it from the ravages of weeds. All visitors are warned away from stepping on the flowers.

Two unique features taken directly from the temple at Coruscant are the Room of a Thousand Fountains and the Jedi War room. There are several differences between the temple here and at Coruscant as it pertains to these two rooms. First is that the Room of a Thousand Fountains on Haruun Kal contains local bird and small animal species, something that was absent from the Coruscant temple. Another difference was in the Jedi War room. The Jedi War Room with in the temple on Haruun Kal contains a much bigger holo-table and is also equipped to allow the Jedi the ability to command the troops on the battle field without actually being there. This ability allows fewer Jedi to do the job of a much larger force. It also allows the Jedi to conduct negotiations in with people from “Galactic hotspots” without risk to any party’s life. After a long battle that Master Murdock was unable to leave he remarked the room needed something. Master Brandwyn added a few plants including rare Fichus. This rebuilt temple once again became the home of the Council of the Unified Force.

This temple is a great achievement for the builders as it was a huge undertaking to rebuild the temple after the jungles of Haruun Kal had claimed it.

Kal CorpEdit

Kal Corp is the brain child of the Council of the Unified Force. It is named for the planet Haruun Kal. Its purpose is to better the life of all those on Haruun Kal by providing jobs, stimulating the economy, and put Haruun Kal on the list of planets one must visit.

How Kal Corp accomplishes this is by harvesting various asteroids in the asteroid belt, moons in the moon belt and elements from the Cloud Sea. Kal Corp takes these elements and raw materials, refines them and then sells them into various markets such as cloning and ship yards. With these contracts Kal Corp maintains the integrity of Haruun Kal’s eco system, but provides a valuable product to the Galaxy at large.

Defense ForcesEdit

The troops of Haruun Kal are clone troopers. They have been trained to be the best soldiers possible. Many for the troops are sent on a routine basis to Malastare for training in higher gravity. Also, Kal Corp itself gives its full support to all of Haruun Kal’s protectors and thus provides all weapons and amour.

There are several bases and forward operating bases around Haruun Kal to allow for a quicker reaction while on the ground and also to counter multiple threats. Those post are Fort Pelek, located just north of the government center, Fort Ghosh, located in the Highlands on Grandfathers Shoulder and the ruins of a Sith temple, and FOB Oran, located in Oran Mas.

The Current defense forces of the planet are as listed (remember that these do ‘’’’not’’’’ include personal forces)

Ground ForcesEdit

All troops unless otherwise stated are in phase 2 amour but with the coloring and markings of the clone war area.

50000 – Clone Troops
  • Clone Troopers x50000
5000 - Elite Troops
  • Clone jet troopers x 1000
  • Clone paratroopers x 1000
  • Clone heavy troopers x1000
  • Clone heavy gunners x1000
  • Phase 3 Dark troopers x1000
1000 - Commando Troops
  • Advanced Recon Commandos(uses modular weapons system and Anti~Matter Slugs.)x1000
50 – NPC Generals
  • Knights of the Council (Jedi Knight level trained with in the Jedi Temple. All are equipped with the Jedi Body Glove and Wrist Unit) x50

1000 - Light class veheicles-0-10m
  • Arrow-23 transport land speeder x 500
  • BARC x 500
600 - Medium class vehicles-10-15m
  • VTOL Attack Craft x 400
  • Windu Class Assault Vehicle x200
300 - Heavy class vehicles-15m+
  • Mobile Air Command Center x100
  • AT-AT x100
  • LAAT x100
10 – Supreme Class Vehicles- 300m
  • Unity Class Airship x 10

Guide EntryEdit

Haruun Kal


  • Haruun Kal (Above the Clouds in Basic, also known as Haruun Kul or Al'Har I) was the home world of the famed Jedi Master Mace Windu. Its capital was Pelek Baw. Haruun Kal appears to be oceanic from space but this "ocean" was in fact a sea of toxic gases brought to the surface by volcanic activity. Only the landmasses that reached into the atmosphere could support life, and thus it was high in the mountains and plateaus where life evolved

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