Hans Blix was a male human Jedi Master that founded and managed the Osarian Jedi Hotel and was a member of the Osarian Jedi Council.

Catering exclusively to Jedi and other Light side of the Force users, the Osarian Jedi Hotel on the shore of Lake Connor was a sanctuary, meeting place, restaurant, bar and general base for Master Blix and his small group of allies led by Ewok fighter pilot, Flicketwok.

Blix was relatively passive and convivial on the Osarian thread compared to fellow Counsellors Tabana Sor, Aron Kellemann, Mike Swift and others, but was secretly one of the most embedded into the ongoing war with planetary neighbour the Tirion Triumvirate on Rommamool. He had a limited degree of mind control over a mysterious loner Sith named Darth Anarchist who would continuously resist Blix's mental domination by consuming vast quantities of drugs and alcohol and in the process, slowly forgetting his own destiny. Although Blix was fundamentally an altruist, Anarchist was being kept as a last ditch insurance policy in case the Triumvirate came too close to controlling or destroying the Osarian Jedi Council.

In the basements of the Osarian Jedi Hotel, Hans Blix kept small submarine vehicles that he used to explore the vast drowned caves of Lake Connor. Blix was last seen leaving on one such odyssey.

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