Hanging Moss village was one of the main landmarks on the Forest Moon of Endor. Over the years, the area has served many purposes, from the original Ewok village, to a Sith Citadel, and most recently, a military camp.


This section details the Jedi vs Sith history of Hanging Moss Village. For its canonical history, see Hanging Moss Village on Wookieepedia.


Hanging Moss Village followed its canon history as home of evil Ewoks until the start of the Universe.

Universe V1.0Edit

During Universe V1.0, one of the first events to occur on the Forest Moon was a genocidal slaughter of the Ewoks by the Sith. This slaughter wiped out the Ewoks of Hanging Moss Village, leaving the remains of the village to rot away and be taken back over by the forest.

Sith CitadelEdit

During the events of the Endor Sith Breakaway, Diaeta and Incursionus built a Sith Citadel out in the forest on what was once the Hanging Moss village. Once the Night Jedi had located the Citadel, they attacked, capturing the two Sith and taking over the Citadel.

Hanging Moss Citadel BaseEdit

The Night Jedi Military then used the Citadel and the area around it for another military camp on the moon, housing around one-third of the Night Jedi soldiers. This base remained in service until the spending cuts made by Oola Palantea, at which point, the base was abandoned. The Citadel and base collapsed, and were taken back over by the forest.

Sith SoldiersEdit

After Darth Zulatan attacked the Jedi Shadows Enclave elsewhere on the moon, several of his Sith Soldiers remained behind, and set up camp in the ruins.

Night Jedi SurveyEdit

When the Night Jedi began to expand once again, they sent a survey team to investigate the suitability of the area to reform a military base. The survey team discovered the Sith soldiers and began negotiations with them. They took the Sith Soldiers back to the Endor Research Outpost, and returned to complete their survey.