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[[Image:Wave_tower_a-cero.jpg|frame|HCI tower on lake Macota, Byss]]
[[Image:Wave_tower_a-cero.jpg|frame|HCI tower on lake Macota, Byss]]

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Halocroft Industries a corporation that creates prototype products, special ships, droids, weapons and armor, we make human replica droids, nano suit and bio armor, speeders, Super star destroyers and attack fighters. The company originated in Lehon, where it grew, providing for Halocroft's war effort, it eventually became a full fledged corporation, influencing many companies, getting state of the Art technology. The company gained liquidized assets from Vertecom, and Arkanian micro technology. Now in year 1982 ABY the company resurfaced, the main company that supplies to the Illiarian empire, remodeling older technology. Darth Nexus is the CEO of the company, Lord Soulless is the vice president.

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HCI tower on lake Macota, Byss

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