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Hale Conras was a Tilani bounty hunter in the JvS Universe. He was known to visit Osa-Prime on Osarian, where his brother Franc worked as a bouncer at Madley's Cantina. He was also a Tilani Rider, a member of the elite hunters on Kircone who used averins as war mounts.

Appearance Edit

Hale was built wiry and not terribly tall but strong, like any other Tilani--a result of their time diverging from the rest of the human and near-human races on the heavy-gravity world of Kircone. Folds beneath his eyes seemed to indicate an Epicanthix somewhere in his ancestry, but if so there seemed to be few other traces, and the folds may have been the result of excessive time spent in heavy gravity, or even of past physical trauma.

While his eyes, cybernetic replacements for those with which he was born, could not alter their color as the eyes of other Tilani could, they looked natural if a bit dry due to the use of contact lenses. This enabled him to not alter their color by will and by natural ability, but to do so by changing lenses. His face, however, could still undergo the minor shape changes that Tilani were capable of, manipulating their musculature but not their skeletal structure, and his skin could also shift its hue. This, however, he chose to do rarely, as carefully repaired scars across and down his face were visible when his skin's pigmentation was in an altered state. And while his left arm was entirely natural, the left side of his abdomen had a a row of small compartments planted where the flesh had had to be replaced with synthetic muscle following a near-fatal attack by an averin. While it was not obvious that the synthetic flesh contained more than just muscle, it was obvious from the seams and dead-white coloration of the artificial skin that some terrible accident had occurred at some time in the past--if one saw him without his shirt, which was rare due to the scarring.

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Weapons Edit

Hale's arms loadout depended greatly on what he felt like carrying. There was only one thing that he always carried: a pair of Tilani fistblades, perfect for close-in assassinations and for knife fighting. He generally carried a modified blaster pistol, though the make and model varied, and sometimes used a custom-built sniper rifle of theLoViS series by Chyornov Combat Systems, as well as a number of concealed weapons, and even explosives on occasion.

Ground Forces Edit

As a loner, Hale's "ground forces" were for the most part limited to, as he would say, "TAMMI"--The Army of Me, Myself, and I. He was a Tilani Rider, however, and so he was able to ride a Kirconen Averin as a war mount. Rarely did he do so save when he needed speed or additional durability for an exceptionally tough "mark" or target.

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