The HS-1 "Armageddon" is basically a high powered Plasma Gatling gun. It was designed to be the main weapon for the IJSMP-100x Cruiser that was mainly used to crack holes in the defenses of Larger ships such as the Imperial-II SD or the Executor SSD. It can also be used to attack planetary locations (Surgical strike) or Orbital defenses, such as a Golan Platform. The Gun consisted of five separate barrels, each capable of producing a plasma charge equal to 5 Barbett Oct Turbolaser batteries . As the first barrel fires, the second barrel is nearing its top charge and the third is beginning its charge the fourth barrel is finishing its cool-down stage and the fifth is beginning the cool-down stage. After firing the gun will rotate, bringing the next barrel to the prime firing position, when that barrel fires it will rotate again to bring the next barrel into firing position ect. The average time between firing is 10 seconds per barrel allowing time for the massive gun to rotate and fully charge between shots. (i.e. Barrel one fires, ten seconds later barrel two fires, so on and so forth)

Firing SequenceEdit

  • Barrel 1
    • Firing
  • Barrel 2
    • Waiting to fire
  • Barrel 3
    • Charging
  • Barrel 4
    • Ending Cool-down Process
  • Barrel 5
    • Beginning Cool-down Process

Technical SpecificationsEdit


  • Capitol Ship


  • Ranged [directed energy]


200,000,000 credits

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