The HRF-3 laser rifle was a heavy weapon designed for use with CCS' powered assault armor. It, like its lower-powered cousin the HCN-2 Laser carbine, was a massive weapon, giving it as much a psychological effect as physical, and required someone of immense strength to wield effectively; as a result, it could not be wielded by standard or even heavy infantry. Like the HCN-2 and the HSR-3 sniper rifle, the HCN-2 had a cable connection for an external power source.

The bolts of the HCN-2 had the power of bolts from a low-powered laser cannon.

  • Manufacturer: CCS
  • Range: 900 m
  • Mag: 48 shots without external power
  • Length: 127 cm
  • Weight: 15.9 kg
  • Cost: 4,250 credits