The species on which the design was made

Gundark-Class War Droid

Product Information Edit

  • Manufacturer: Throndec Industries, Shiar Throndec
  • Production Rights: Throndec Industries, Shiar Throndec
  • Functionality: Military, War Droid (commando level)
  • Cost: 145,000

Technical Specifications Edit

  • Height: 3 meter
  • Width: 2.3 meters
  • Armor: Medium stainless durasteel combat armor

Armaments Edit

  • Vibro-teeth and claws.
  • 2 Heavy Repeater Cannons.
  • Homing missiles.
  • Flame thrower.
  • Pulse Cannon.
  • Ion Cannon.
  • Sonic blaster

Method of Propulsion Edit

Legs (can run/walk on two or four, just like a real Gundark), with booster jets for jumping.

Description Edit

With appearance and ferocity of a full-grown Gundark, this is no droid to mess with. Stainless durasteel and patented ion resistant foam standard. The "ears" not only act as receivers, contain a heavily encrypted comm system, allowing multiple units to coordinate, receive orders, and report. Sonic blaster in mouth allows it to have a damaging "roar." The smaller set of claws are replaced with heavy repeating cannons. The prehensile "tail" has a flame thrower. 360 degree vision standard: sees in light, night vision, infrared, and ultraviolet. Has sensor suit in chest comparable to most vehicles. Homing missiles inside each shoulder (3 launch points per shoulder with 2 missiles each, total 12. Each tube can lock on a different target). Vibro teeth and claws allow it to tear people or vehicles apart if they get to close. Forearm of left claw has pulse cannon, with ion cannon on the right. Booster jets for jumping or slowing down a fall from a hard-drop (limited fuel, does not allow flight).

The Gundark-class war droid is designed to be a heavy fighter, much like its biological counterpart. Its design allows it to defend itself against vehicles and low-flying starfighters. The heavy repeater cannons allow it to be more than capable of defending against multiple ground troops. But its speed, ferocity, and programing, as well as help from the sonic blaster, pulse cannon, and flamethrower make it lethal against a Sith. Fully capable for use either in assault or defense.

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