Guffwaar was a Wookiee Night Jedi



Guffwaar was a member of Jobie Wan Kenobi's classes, alongside Oola Palantea and Conan Starrunner

Later serviceEdit

Guffwaar became a good fighter pilot, and an expert duelist, able to perform incredible feats using his Wookiee strength.

During the Iron Fists War, he was a member of Yellow Group, flying one of the Y-Wings. Later, during the rebuilding process, he was one of the second group sent out aboard Intrepid to visit shipyards and negotiate purchases.

Guffwaar holds the rank of Lieutenant within the Night Jedi Military.

He served as a combat pilot during the Kamino mission, but didn't get to see any action, so by the time he returned to Endor he was itching to get some action. He flew as part of Iota Flight, running patrols and searching for cloaked ships in Endor space.

On one of his duty shifts, he was called to help the crashed ship that brought Jevan Edo to Endor.

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