Sith Infiltrator by DevantSin

Grimblade, modified Star Courier.

The Grimblade was a modified Star Courier that belonged to Dragus. The ship was originally purchased from Santhe/Sienar technologies on Lianna for 55 million credits, then modified later by Twin Suns Transport Services. It served as both a transport and mobile headquarters for the Famine Lord of the NOE.

It was similarly equipped as the late Scimitar, with a few notable alterations. First and foremost, the paint scheme had been changed to reflect the Order to which Dragus belonged. The ship's hull was painted with black reflec coating and trimmed in crimson. Other than that, it had no distinguishable markings to connect it with the NOE.

Scimitar deckplan SotG

Interior Schematics

Second, the interior lighting was removed. Since Dragus was an umbaran and therefore could see in the ultraviolet spectrum, he did not require lighting within the ship in order to see. His eyes were also sensitive to the intense brightness of ordinary deck lights, thus their removal was prompted by the Famine Lord's desire for comfort. Unless guests that came aboard possessed personal lighting devices or were in the cockpit where the sole view port existed, they would have a difficult time moving about the interior of the ship.

The sleeping quarters were lavishly decorated and spacious enough for several occupants. Ordinarily this area was occupied by Dragus and his Ewok consorts. The adjacent compartments were used for the purpose of storing the Famine Lord's wardrobe and personal possessions. A smaller compartment performed the same service for the Ewoks aboard, who had fewer belongings and required less storage space. Usually a minimum of two Ewoks shared the sleeping quarters with Dragus, though there were accounts that as many as six occupied the space at one time.

Later ModificationsEdit

A Nordoxicon-38 Anti-concussion Field Generator was purchased on Dressel and later installed. This device projected a magnetic field around the Grimblade, capable of causing missiles or projectiles of any sort to misfire or detonate early, thus missing the ship.