Background Edit

Goran Starkiller was an Iron Knight and a part time mercenary. While his crystalline self was formed on Orax, he considered Hoth to be home.

During his career, Starkiller was part of several military campaigns, including the capture of Lehon and Csilla for the Mercenary Alliance, the successful defense of Hoth many times over, and the peaceful takeover of Onderon.

Notable achievements Edit

Aside from military success, Starkiller was the inventor of the Anti-Rifting Field, and a defensive system that involved placing hyperdrives and navicomps spliced with targeting computers on asteroids. He was a co-ruler of Onderon, and is currently the scientific advisor of the Mandalorian Empire.

Death and Rebirth Edit

After a series of unsuccessful raids on CDDC planets, Goran found himself attacking Dubrillion. During the course of the battle, he found himself locked in battle with William Reign. The battle started off in space, and progressed into a lightsaber duel. After his droid body was disabled, Starkiller self-destructed, shattering his crystalline body in the process. After several months, the fragments began to pull Starkiller's spirit back from the Netherworld of the force. Caught in the wake of a hyperspacially traveling craft, the fragments were carried back to Hoth, where they were able to inhabit a spare droid body, facilitating a rebirth of sorts. Since then, he's become the scientific advisor to the Mandalorian Empire.

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