General Lars was a ground force commander of Jobie Wan Kenobi's Night Jedi ground troops. He was in charge of the Night Jedi soldiers and vehicles at the Research Outpost on the Forest Moon of Endor.


Character backstory unknown.


General Lars was appointed as General of the outpost forces in early 35ABY by Jobie Wan. The outpost was relatively untouched and he saw practically no action for most of his life. Although the General was present at the Endor Sith Citadel Attack, he took a back-seat role, and was not a large part of the fight.

Research Outpost InvasionEdit

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In late 37 ABY, immediately after Iota Flight's Encounter with the Lucrehulk, the Research Outpost was attacked by Valerin Aslamir's forces. General Lars commanded the defence, and manned the only defending ATAT. After inspiring the troops into action, the General brought the ATAT in to attack, but Valerin himself Force-jumped upon the cockpit, broke through the cockpit viewport with his sword, and Force-choked the General. Lars' body was soon incinerated by a thermal detonator explosion, which finished off the ATAT.