General Foom was a General in the Night Jedi Military. He served a distinguished career within the ranks, rising to command the entire Night Jedi army. He also took part in the Battle of Manaan as acting captain of the Night Jedi flagship Nightscythe.


Early LifeEdit

His early life is not known.


Foom was commissioned into the Night Jedi army in the early days of the Night Jedi, and gradually rose through the ranks.


After the death of the previous General, General Lars, Foom was promoted to General and served as commander of the Night Jedi armies.

Battle of ManaanEdit

Foom took the role of acting captain of the recently restored to service Nightscythe to take it into battle. Under his command, Nightscythe helped take down the enemy defences, and took part in fleet-to-fleet combat. Foom gave the order to make an emergency hyperjump out of system, with the hyperspace co-ordinates provided spur-of-the-moment by an allied droid crew. The jump brought Nightscythe out of hyperspace in hostile territory. The General briefly spoke with the shipyards, before realising his location in hostile space. He ordered a massive change in vector for the closest point of escape from the system. Nightscythe was engaged by hostile forces for a time, during which it took heavy damage, but Foom eventually managed to get Nightscythe into hyperspace. They stopped off at Coruscant for the remaining fighters to dock, and then returned to Endor.


After the battle, the General returned to supervise the Endor Citadel defences for a time, until he was called upon to captain the Nightscythe again for a trip to Mustafar to the Zion Inc shipyards. At the shipyards, Foom oversaw the repairs of Nightscythe, before eventually bringing her back home. Upon returning to the Forest Moon of Endor, Foom briefly resumed his duties as ground general, but was called back into service to command Nightscythe when Malice Hingang attacked. When the fleet was later called to Kamino, he was serving as captain. Upon the return to Endor, he returned to the Research Outpost base.

Outpost ServiceEdit

During his time at the outpost, he experienced many interesting events; the discovery of the secret base below the outpost, the construction of the Dymek factory, and the questioning of the Red Fang Sith soldiers.

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