Gar'tua is Nuhaatyc Edit

Gar'tua is Nuhaatyc, Mando'a for vengeance is invisible, was Daeron Aruetyc Ordo's first attempt at becoming a businessman. The company, proud of it's all Mandalorian roots, was based on Mandalore's capital city, Keldabe. The company itself was a PMC (private military corporation) or basically a over-paid group of mercenaries. The men at Gar'tua is Nuhaatyc worked jobs as ver'gebuir, or bodyguards, they used parts of Daeron's battle fleet to run protection in space and used pieces of his armored core to defend caravans on the ground from roaming pirates.

Four years after it's creation however, the company was left in shambles. Almost everyone one of the leaders, soldiers, or captains had been called by Mandalore to defend the homeland and other provinces in the Mandalorian Empire. Daeron Aruetyc Ordo filed bankruptcy with the officials in Keldabe and joined the service along with his vode

Ground Forces Edit

  • 8th Assault Battalion

- 10,000 Standard Troops

  • Mandalorian Crusader Troopers

  • 24th Assault Recon Battalion

- 10,000 Standard Troops

  • Heavy Assault Mandalorian Troopers

Armored Core Edit

  • 52nd Mechanized Division

- Complete Mechanized Armor

  • Heavy Class Vehicles
    • 35 Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled A6 Juggernaut's
  • Medium Class Vehicles
    • 135 All Terrain Tactical Enforcer's (AT-TE) [Split into battle groups of 5; 27 groups]
  • Light Class Vehicles
    • 50 TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank's [Split into battle groups of 5; 10 groups]
    • 250 BARC speeder's [Individual given to Tactical Mandalorian Troopers for Recon missions]
    • 150 All Terrain Recon Transport (AT-RT) [Individual given to Tactical Mandalorian Troopers for Recon missions]
    • 150 All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) [Individual given to Heavy Assault Mandalorian Troopers for Advancement missions]
    • 50 105-K lancer bike's [Individual given to Tactical Mandalorian Troopers for covert raids]
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