Formerly designated as Task Force Freedom of the Corellian Defense Fleet during the GCCS era, the Third Core Battlegroup of the Galactic Republic Navy's Core Fleet is assigned to the planet Corellia and the Corellian System.

Commander: Admiral Jacen Korr

Fleet Members:

  • Imperious-class Star Destroyer - Justice (flagship)
  • Scythe-class Main Battle Cruiser - Truth
  • Scythe-class Main Battle Cruiser - Knowledge
  • [2x] Sacheen-class Light Escorts
  • [2x] CR-100 Corellian Corvettes
  • [2x] DP-30 Corellian Gunships
  • [24x] Corellian Tracers
  • [12x] Corellian Runners
  • [12x] Corellian Pulverizers
  • [12x] YT-5100 Shriek bombers