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  • Supreme Chancellor Lyra Vid'aan
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The (Third) Galactic Republic was established as a reformation of the Galactic Coalition of Confederated Systems as a direct reaction to the corrupt administration of Gran GCCS Chief of State Nicas Kawlonic. The Charter to Constitute the Galactic Republic, which met with unanimous approval in the Council of Free Worlds, re-established a strong central government with very specific legislative, executive, judicial, and military powers.


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At it's founding, the Republic consisted of ninteen member planets.

Galactic Republic SenateEdit

The existing GCCS Council of Free Worlds, with the passage of the Republic Charter, became the first Galactic Republic Senate, with a single Senator to represent each of the 19 founding member planets of the Republic.

Galactic Republic ChancellorshipEdit

The position of Supreme Chancellor was recreated to replace the office of Chief of State as part of the effort to restore the Old Republic federal model and to distance the new government from the stigma that the Kowlonic administration had brought to the GCCS and Chief of State names.

Galactic Republic MilitaryEdit

For the purposes of mutual and common defense, the Galactic Republic established a Republic Military, in accordance with Article 4 of the Charter, overseen by a three to nine member Military Council. The Galactic Republic Military is divided into three primary branches: Army (for ground forces), Navy (for capital ships), and Starfighter Command (for small air/space combatants). Each branch is headed by a secretary, who reports to the Supreme Chancellor and the Military Council.