Gustav Hanz
6' 0"

G. Hanz is a master technician with a basic usuage of the force.

Early life Edit

His parents abandoned him when he was young. Which meant he had to grow up on the streets but he managed to gain access to the academy. He spent that time fixing up the x-wing he always travelled in. He dropped out and started to make use of his talents.

Life in the universe Edit

Hanz joined with the FMBG, and improved his abilities as a technician, before going off to study with Kirst Ohran on Mirial. On Mirial he was kidnapped by Liam le Tigre and taken to Coruscant. There he refused to turn to the dark side, and after a struggle he lost his left leg and was left to die, if it were not for Kirst Ohran arriving in double quick time he would have died from his injuries. Hanz then went to be tutored under Master Frankie Boyle who died shortly after leaving him his Fleet. Hanz then returned to Anoth for awhile before going to Iridonia to train as a Sith under Death Angel. On the flight to Iridonia, the Fleet left behind by Master Boyle suffered a freak accident and were destroyed leaving Hanz by himself, again. During his stay on Iridonia the FMBG was disbandonded but Hanz did not find out for a while. He trained there for a while before they all left for Aargonnar where Hanz learnt Form 1. They then travelled to Ossus, but Hanz was unable to bring himself to fight and subsequently left the Sith and returned to his homeplanet, Correlia. He now is at the Jedi Academy on Correlia, learning the Jedi way. Later on, the new Jedi Padawan would unexpectedly defeat his old Sith Lord master by chance encounter on a Naboo swamp, killing him with an unorthodox strike through the chest, an example of David and Goliath proportion. Placing his foot triumphantly on Angel's neck, he took Angel's lightsabers as a trophy and carried his body away.

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