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Production information Manufacturer: Blue Wave Industries

Model: G-306 Modular Fighter/Bomber

Cost: 275,000 Credits

Technical specifications

Length: 12.3 Meters

Maximum acceleration: 4,600 G


Maximum speed (atmosphere): 1600 km/h

Engine unit(s): Starscream-9 Ion Drives (1) P-SZ9.7 Twin Ion Engines (2)

Hyperdrive rating: Class 2.8

Hyperdrive system: Equipped

Power plant: Novaldex 04-Z power generator (1)

Shielding: Equipped

Hull: Titanium-Durasteel alloy hull

Sensor systems: ANq-3.6 Sensor Computer

Targeting systems: Fabritech ANq-3.6 Tracking computer

Navigation system: R7 Astromech droid

Avionics: F-S5X flight avionics system

Countermeasures: Chaff/flare launcher (2)

Armament: SW-4 Light Ion Cannons (3) Dual Laser Cannons (3) Krupx MG7 proton torpedo launchers (2) Standard load: 2 torpedoes each

Crew: Pilot (2) Astromech droid (1)

Cargo capacity: 200 kilograms

Consumables: 1 week

Other systems: Sensor Jamming Modification System


"Here comes that Hawk Fighter...."
---E-Wing Pilot

The G-306 or simply known as the "Hawk" Fighter, was designed by Blue Wave Industries to replace the X-wings and TIE Defenders of the aging New Republic and the Galactic Empire. It has the advanced computers, sensors, and tracking devices allowing it to see "Like Any Hawk on Land". This is a hunter, pure and simple, designed to go in, kill, and get out without anyone noticing the ship. Made with advanced new hull designs and better, regenerative shielding, the Hawk Fighter/Bomber outclassed E-Wings and TIE Defenders during the prototype testings. With a new Fighter template, the Hawk is more maneuverable than any other fighter in space, and for atmospheric combat, has been fitted with the newly advanced StarScream 9 Engine and two TIE Defender engines, the G-306 was simply faster,more agile and far better achieving a state of success than any other fighter of its class.


Armed with a total of 6 Cannons, 5 Heavy Ion Cannons, and Torpedos on both wings, the G-306 is filled to the teeth in death armaments, with its speed and capable maneuvering capability, the Hawk can simply rush in, take out its opponents and quickly fade out before anyone even notices. Its sensor jamming modulations allow it to jump near its opponents silently, and kill them, never knowing someone stabbed them in the back. If however, someone launches a warhead at the Hawk Fighter, it could deploy its lower left Chaff countermeasures, allowing it to escape, harmless of the enemies missile deployments.


The G-306 however needed constant maintenance to keep it up to shape, it could only support itself long enough for a short battle, before needing to re-fuel back in a capital ships hanger. It couldn't be independent either, and could only hyperdrive in 10 places before the computer needed to be rewired and reprogrammed.