The Freedom War was a war between Jark Hothar and the Free Jedi Order on Rodia. It began when Hothar arrived on Rodia in Equator City. While Brulax Ruso engaged ground troops, Hothar kidnapped the Grand Protector Vreegon's wife Neela and their children. Hothar then forced the Grand Protector to declare the Jedi as outlaws and order the Rodian Regiment to attack. The RR destroyed the warehouse that the FJO used as a headquaters. Brulax stayed behind, allowing himself to be injured, so that Oraltor Nadon could take the rest of the Jedi and flee to Throndec Industries factory in Iskaayuma.

When Brulax left to return to the Jedi, he was followed by Renato Accosta, a Rodian who was kidnapped from Iskaayuma as a child and raised to be a Sith. He offered an alliance with Brulax, who was hesitant to trust any Dark Sider. Brulax asked Renato to go back and act as a spy on Hothar, and to meet the night after the Jedi counter attack. The two parted ways.

Things were calm, as wars go, for a few weeks. Oraltor spent time training the young Jedi under him, so they might be ready. Jark Hothar finished a project involving his half brother. He had the captured former member of the FJO, Master Rulin Kahar and had tortured him in order to break his mind, making him a mindless slave. Shiar Throndec and Salnor spent the time producing a few of Shiar's latest prototype, the Gundark-class War Droid. Takwen also returned from his Knighthood trials. However, his ceremony was interrupted. Hothar bombed Equator City in order to draw out the Jedi.

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