Francis-Class Cargo Transport

Technical SpecificationsEdit

  • Type: Support/transport
  • Cost: 5,000,000 Credits per unit
  • Length: 359 meters
  • Width: 102 meters
  • Height: 156 meters
  • Speed: 91 MGLT
  • Engines
  • Armament:
  • Hull:
    • Heavy Durasteel Plating
  • Energy Systems:
    • Reactor Core: Hypermatter Annihilation
  • .6 Hyperdrive (primary)
  • Class 15 hyperdive (back-up)
  • Particle Shields
  • Ray Shields
  • Accessories:


Much research has gone into the development of this transport and Stark Industries is proud to be presenting it.

This is a ship developed strictly for transport and for that reason does not carry a large amount of firepower. Instead, this ship focuses more on shielding and armor. This cargo transport is for transporting precious cargo and has a special cargo hold for this reason. The cargo hold has been designed so that there is no way any sabotage specialist cannot easily harm the precious cargo. Surveillance Cameras are set up along every corridor of the ship that feed straight into a ships observation center aboard that the ship that is monitored at all hours.

Link to patent approval

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