Fortris Hokan
Fortris Hokan
Biographical information
  • Shogun
  • 17 BBY
Physical description
  • Ragithian Human
  • Male
  • 3 meters
Hair color
  • Gray
Eye color
  • Steel Gray
Skin color
  • Light
  • Cardio-Muscular Package
  • Hi-Fold Sensory Package
Chronological and political information

Fortris Hokan. Towering over humans at a height of nine feet six inches (3 meters), and practically armored in heavy cords of iron hard muscle, it is no wonder that Fortris Hokan has gained the nickname "Fortress" Hokan. A Ragithian Human, Fortris was born into slavery on the planet Shogun. Forced to work as a heavy lifter and laborer in the mines, Fortris spent the first twenty years of his life lifting boulders, and pushing carts of precious ore across mine rails. As a result, he grew to be massive, living up to his heritage as a Ragithian. At age twenty two, he earned his freedom, having worked hard enough and long enough to pay off his owners. Having no home, and no way to work without having to sign himself back into slavery, he enlisted himself in the Mandalorian army. It was their, under the command of Ghez Hokan, that he came to know the Mandalorian way. Rising through the ranks, Fortris was eventually adopted by Ghez as a family member, and was taught Ghez's combat tactics, morals, and way of life. After Ghez's death on Quiilura, Fortris assumed the position of Aliit'alor, or "Clan leader" of the Hokan family. Now, he seeks to rebuild the clan, and to reclaim the prestige the clan once had.

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