Braha'tok-class gunship
Foehammer II
Production information

Dornean Braha'ket
Fleetworks Conglomerate


Braha'tok-class gunship



Technical specifications

90 meters

  • Double turbolaser cannons (8)
  • Concussion missile launchers (4)
  • Ion cannons (4)

Up to 10 starfighters

Docking bays




Minimum crew


Other systems

Stygium Cloaking Device

  • Support craft
  • Anti-starfighter gunship
  • Stealth Gunship
Earliest sighting

30 ABY

Present for battles/events

Night Jedi Military

Known owner(s)

Foehammer II was a Night Jedi Dornean Gunship. It was outfitted with additional ion cannons, and a Stygium cloaking device.


Universe V1.0Edit

The Foehammer II was an unnamed vessel during the early days. It was purchased by the Night Jedi Rahmus Baktran, it was outfitted with additional ion cannons for use in Rahmus' diamond-formation tactics, and participated in several armed conflicts. When Rahmus disappeared, the ship was left as part of the Night Jedi fleet, which Jobie Wan Kenobi took charge of.

Universe 1.5Edit

Night Jedi vs Valerian encounterEdit

The vessel, still unnamed, was used to defend against an attack by Valerian Aslamir. During the battle, it took considerable damage. After the battle, it was towed to the 'Hub' Battlestation.

Upgrades and NamingEdit

The vessel was repaired and upgraded, using parts from the crippled Foehammer, another Dornean Gunship. It was outfitted with the Foehammer's cloaking device, and named the Foehammer II in honour of the previous craft's distinguished service. After the upgrades, Foehammer II lay dormant aboard the 'Hub' battlestation, alongside the hull of the original Foehammer, until it was taken back into service by Jobie Wan Kenobi.

Iron Fists WarEdit

After years of dormancy, Jobie commanded that the Night Jedi fleet be returned to action. Foehammer II was crewed by the remnants of the Night Jedi army, and was taken to Manaan to help bring about the destruction of the Warriors of the Iron Fists. During the battle, it fired upon several of Raven's Inferno-class ships, eventually resorting to the cloaked hit-and-fade tactics the enemy was using. Foehammer II survived the battle, thanks to Foehammer's cloak, and carried a small number of Night Jedi fighters back to Endor.

Later ServiceEdit

Foehammer II was part of the fleet Jobie Wan Kenobi took to Kamino to resolve a trade dispute there, regarding the Kamino Clones and Exports business.

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