Foehammer was a Dornean Gunship used by the Night Jedi


Universe V1.0Edit

Pre-Night JediEdit

The ship was constructed in the Dornean shipyards around 29 ABY. It was purchased by the Night Jedi Rahmus Baktran, and outfitted with stealth technology.

Under Rahmus' commandEdit

The vessel was named Foehammer, and was a part of Rahmus' fleet. It participated in the Night Jedi invasion of Endor, and several other conflicts, before Rahmus disappeared, leaving his ships, including the Foehammer, with the Night Jedi.

Universe 1.5Edit

Jobie Wan KenobiEdit

Jobie Wan Kenobi took charge of the fleet, using it in defence of Endor on several occasions

Night Jedi vs Valerian EncounterEdit

When Valerian Aslamir attacked the Night Jedi, Foehammer was a great asset for the Night Jedi, but took heavy damage, and was all but destroyed. Her hull was kept in the hangers of the Night Jedi 'Hub' Battlestation.


Components for the Foehammer, including the Stygium cloaking device, were transferred to another Dornean Gunship that had taken heavy damage, and the new ship was named Foehammer II in honour of the service of the original vessel, whose hull remained aboard the 'Hub'

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