Fleet Admiral Fred, of unknown surname, was Jobie Wan Kenobi's Fleet Admiral. He commanded the Endor defences from the orbital 'Hub' Battlestation.


Fred's character background is unknown.

In UniverseEdit

Fred was recruited by Jobie Wan Kenobi, for the Night Jedi, when he purchased a VSDII. He commanded the craft, and took charge of Jobie's forces.

Later, when the Hub Battlestation was manufactured, Fred took a leading position in the security staff on board, eventually rising through the ranks until he was in charge of the whole Endor defensive fleet. He would, however, allow the Night Jedi themselves to take command while present.

Onboard the Hub station, Fred was assisted by the young Lieutenant Isus, who manned the main battlefield situation holotable.

Fred retired around 40ABY, and died of old age a few years later.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Fred was created by User:Calmaen vor Lalimar as the captain of Jobie Wan Kenobi's VSDII, for Jobie to give orders to. He gradually evolved into a character to control the Endor fleets when Jobie was off-world, and the character of Lieutenant Isus was created for the 'recipient of orders' role.

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