Ferrin Sha (Mk 3 Specs)
Production information
  • Ossus Shipyards (Mk 3)
  • CEC (Mk 1)
Product line

Capital Ships

  • Heavy Battlecruiser
  • Pocket Battleship

Ferrin Sha

Technical specifications

4 Km (2.5 miles)


1.375 (0.86 miles)


1.5 km (0.94 miles)

  • 2400 G
  • 2500 G (overload)
Engine unit(s)
  • OT/CEC RTH120-CLE engines (2)
  • OT/CEC RTH120-BLE engines (2)
  • OT/CEC RTH100-CLE engines (10)
Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 0.125 Main
  • Class 0.25 Backup
Hyperdrive range


Power output

~7.48 x 10^39 W (max.)

Power plant

3 Zero Point Devices, ramscoop intake

  • 1 3.74 x 10^39 W device
    • Main systems
    • Propulsion
  • 1 3.74 x 10^39 W device
    • All weapons up to Turbolasers
    • Trinity Cannons
    • Super laser
  • 1 8.0 x 10^27 W device
    • Shields

Equipped, multi-layered

  • Reactive Armor
  • Reactive Armor
    • Multiple Molecularly Bonded Layers
    • Quantum-Crystalline Layer
Sensor systems
  • Draydax Sensor Suite
    • AESA "Phased Array" equipped
Targeting systems

Upgraded LeGrange Systems

Navigation system


  • Therm-optic and energy cloaking
    • stygium cloak generator
  • EMP generator
  • sensor jamming / masking systems
  • De-ionizing and degaussing systems
  • Anti-concussion field generators
  • Gravity well generator
  • Faraday Cage
  • Signature displacement system
  • 1 Coaxial Superlaser (disabled/non-functional)
  • 5 Heavy Pulse Cannons
  • 14 Medium Pulse Cannons
  • 55 Light Pulse Cannons
  • 210 Turbolaser Cannons (Octuple Barbettes)
  • 80 Ion Canons
  • 400 Point-defense laser batteries
  • 20 Missile/torpedo tubes
  • 12 Tractor beam projectors
  • 4 Mine Launchers

5 wings of starfighters

  • 10 Lambda Class Shuttles
  • Repair and recovery drones
  • AT-AT barges
  • AT-ST walkers (40)
  • AT-AT walkers (20)
  • 15,000 troops
Docking bays

4 Bays

  • 30,000 Crew
  • 7,600 Gunners


Cargo capacity

56,000 Metric Tons (dedicated capacity)

  • 8 Years (stnd.)
  • 10 Years (max)

Holonet and subspace

Other systems
  • Holosuites
  • CEC teleportation technology
  • CEC Replicator systems
  • Lateral Manuavering Thrusters
  • Gravitic Modulators
  • Mass Detectors
  • Advanced Fire Control Systems
  • Blast Tinted Windows
  • Internal Compensators
  • Compartmentalazation
  • Battlefield Holographic Control Interface System
  • State-of-the-art computer systems
  • Solaris-class Artificial Intelligence
  • CGT sensors
  • Hyperwave sensors
  • AEGIS Fleet-wide systems
  • Enhanced self-distruct system
  • Internal and external bridges

ODF and close allies only

  • Command ship
  • Carrier
  • Transport
  • Heavy cruiser / battleship
  • Communications
  • Armed escort
  • Scouting
  • Planetary defense and offense
  • Close support
  • Strategic offense and defense
  • Tactical offense and defense
  • Diplomatic



>200 ABY

Earliest sighting

>200 ABY, departing Corellia (ODFS Ferrin Sha)

Present for battles/events
  • Bothawui Skirmish
  • Jedi Seizing of Coruscant
  • Sith Sacking of Coruscant
  • Various skirmishes above Ossus
  • Mando-Sith War
    • Sacking of Ossus
    • Return to Ossus
  • Renove Skirmish

The Ossus Navy

Known owner(s)

Jaecyn Riddick

The Ferrin Sha class Battlecruiser was a class of ship built by OssusTech, with considerable credit going to the CEC for the development and construction of the first ship of the class, and the class overall.

Ships of the LineEdit

Ferrin Sha, Mk 1Edit

There was only one Mk1 ship made, the Ferrin Sha. She was designed as the prototype for the class and testbed of many new systems developed by both the CEC and OssusTech. She wolud later go on to be a regular "ship of the line," and eventually be the basis for later versions of these ships. The latest batch of upgrades makes the Ferrin Sha a Mk 1-Rev 3 ship, upon which the Mk 3 ships would be based.

Ferrin Sha, Mk 2Edit

This is the only version of the ship that has no examples in service. Initially, Master Jaecyn Riddick had submitted the original specification to the galactic Patent Office, only to have those spurned. He later, and quite angrily, submitted heavily reduced specifications which were passed. Riddick had no intention of building any of these ships for his own navy, as he felt this version of the ship wouldn't be able to survive long in a battle. As such, no ships of this kind are, or were, ever planned for production.

Ferrin Sha, Mk 3Edit

There are several ships of this subclass. Based on the refitted Mk1 ship, which included more weapons, and a more efficient power management system over the original design, the Mk 3 is the latest version. Right after an attack on the Jedi Library on Ossus, several of these ships were made.

Active ShipsEdit

Ossus Defense Force:

  • Ferrin Sha
  • Zeison Sha
  • Tal Shiar
  • Sechar Nabiw
  • Minos Corva
  • Xindi Sabo
  • Ikeya Seki
  • Altair Sheck
  • Kuri-kin Tha
  • Likud Madesh
  • Vaseth Izan
  • Zarec Atya
  • Iber Khan
  • Famir Khan
  • Ibecyn Haerka
  • Shibris Ceara
  • Keatanna Shizuka
  • Ceaddyn Rallan
  • Jalin Maru
  • Ila Haren
  • Vawen Matha
  • Sedia Tendra
  • Seyn Ralithi
  • Kanara Cewyn

Background and ServiceEdit

The Ferrin Sha class was designed to be as big a hitter as possible, with as small a size as possible. Fortunately for the designers and builders, there was technology that allowed for such disparity. In spite of her ability to perform, the ship was often viewed by opponents with larger navies thinking it would be easy to bypass the ship altogether. With there being only one of these ships, for a while, this actually was true, at least in the sense that an object can't be in two places at once.

The Ferrin Sha was to be not only a test bed for several Corellian technologies, but also of several technologies made by Ysanna from Ossus, who were just emerging as decent technologists in their own right, after centuries of being isolated from the galaxy. She passed, tech and all, with flying colors.

The ships were mostly named for Ysanna of high esteem. The only exceptions are the Ferrin Sha, and Zeison Sha. The Zeison Sha was named after the Force sensitive order from Yannibar, and the Ferrin Sha was named after a mythical Ossan city that predates the Old Republic by a several thousand years. The inhabitants of Ferrin Sha, or Ferrad'n Sha'h in Classic Ossan, were said to be highly advanced and highly sensitive to the Force, and the city was impervious to assault, but the city and people all disappeared without a trace, save for the myth.

The Ferrin Sha-class battlecruisers in service so far are not the only kind nor class to be tasked with defending Ossus, but they are current the only ones that are made by the local population for just such a task, among others.


The Draydax sensor system was designed to be on the forefront of sensor technology. After several battles, however, a better system was needed. Using the original as a foundation, an Active Electronic Scanning Array, aka Phased Array system, was added, allowing for much improved performance. The technology was taken from an upgrade to the Mk 5 E-Wing and adapted for the battle wagons of the ODF Fleets. Capabilities include the nigh-impossibility of being jammed, the ability to throw off any guided projectile attack, and an increase in tracking and processing capabilities.

The pulse-class cannons on these ships were designed to replace the Trinity-class weapons that were originally on the Ferrin Sha ship. They require less energy input, and are able to inflict massive damage. They are capable of penetrating MB armor with relative ease, though QC armor is still problematic at best. Functionally, it is similar to the Proton-beam cannon.

The degaussing and de-ionizing systems are in place to aid the Faraday cage that covers the ship and the individual components and modules. They essentially defeat any electro-magnetic attack, and, for example, can allow the ship safe passage through electro-magnetic driven mine fields. The EMP generator is not new technology, it has been around for thousands of years. It is important to note, however, that this EMP system can be focused in addition to the traditional all-encompassing blast, and will incapacity any ship that is not protected against such attacks. Any ships that are, depending on the strength of their protection, will be relatively unharmed. Deflector shields have little to no effect in protection of a ship against EMP attacks.

Therm-optic and energy cloaking systems are built on top of the traditional cloaking systems. They are designed to give CGT scanners a harder time in trying to spot the ship as it is cloaked. It isn't a perfect system, only cutting down on the silhouette of the ship, basically making it appear much smaller, but not completely invisible to CGTs. To complement these systems, a Signature Displacement System was also developed. Essentially is tries to mask the actual location of the ship and place it elsewhere, though the range of displacement is not terribly far. It was also designed to emit a duplicate image of the ship when uncloaked, but this is also limited in ability.

The ship also has on it a gravity well generator, meant for interdiction, and cover, but has on occasion been known to be used in foiling escape attempts by the enemy.

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