'The Unfair Advantage'

The Fel Crew (also known as The Unfair Advantage -- after Fel's freighter -- and a whole litany of unsavory terms, by those they've swindled) is a do-it-all smuggling crew captained by Galdaart Fel, specializing in anything from simple one-off theft, cartage, interstellar transport, drop-ship and gunship work to long-term criminal contracts. They live life to the fullest and have little time or regard for the law and those who seek to enforce them. Friends are held close, and enemies wish they weren't. 

Fel's crew have travelled (and written) extensively throughout the 'verse, making ports of call on among other worlds, Coruscant, Osarian, Ord Mantell, Kessel, Varonat, Ryloth, and the Smugglers' Run. Galdaart Fel originally Captained a Corellian YT-1760 light transport named the Dar'yaim (Mando'a meaning 'a hell, or a place you want to forget' -- the ship had already been named when Fel took it, fair and square. Interstellar salvage rules.)


Fel's former ship, the Dar'yaim, lost over Kessel.

This was home to Fel for many years, and to the crew for the first several months they flew together. The Dar'yaim was subsequently lost over Kessel following the crew's first encounter with Galen, and the Jekk. 

Permanent CrewEdit


  • Wrench - Fel's R2-series astromech
  • Scrapheap - Tawaza's R5-series astromech
  • Frend - LB-series bulk loader droid

Former CrewEdit

  • Dazac - killed in action on Ryloth




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